NLE Choppa – Bryson [Official Music Video]

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Watch the official music video for Bryson by NLE Choppa from the album From Dark To Light.
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NLE Choppa is a Memphis-born rapper renowned for his hits “Walk Em Down,” “Shotta Flow,” “Famous Hoes,” “Birdboy,” “Free Youngboy,” “Blocc Is Hot,” and “Camelot.” He worked with artists like Roddy Rich, 50 cent, Blueface, and Lil Baby — amassing billions of global streams and earned the #1 spot on Billboard’s Emerging Artist Chart.

NLE the top shotta
I got the bombs like Al Quada
Bryson, Bryson
Everybody loves Bryson
Bryson, Bryson
Everybody loves Bryson

Soul mission, sole purpose ma knew I was worth it
Since the day that I was birthed came out of her lurkin
Lookin at all of the nurses she said I was special
Knew that shit there was for certain
I would’ve thought this world was perfect
But it came with some curses
Ay read between the verses if the truth you’ve been searchin
I woke up I’m alerted I was feelin like a servant
Aint apart of this circus my soul been overworkin
She cant handle my burden but she say she want a Birkin
I fell asleep in churches I ain’t know what he was chirpin
Within myself I got faith then prayers start unfoldin’
I know that God real but not the way that they had told us

Bryson, Bryson
Everybody loves Bryson
Bryson, Bryson
Everybody loves Bryson

Aye, swing like I’m Tyson but I aint doing no fightin
And I been feeling righteous I’m going through enlightenment
Conscious of a psychic, in between her like hyphens
They sayin’ I don’t know shit but wait til it hit the fan
Groundin up in the sand
The work put in I seen dividends
I’m a bigger man, better man I got a better plan
If you don’t understand where’s somebody with some understanding
Pineal gland in my crown and I got the upper hand
Put the blues in rubber bands
I attract abundance
Affirmations daily that’s why blessings keep on coming in
369 when I wake I write it 3 times
6 times in the daytime
9 at nighttime
Put positive thoughts into your heart
It’ll change your DNA
Negative thoughts they fall apart
Now a nigga thinkin’ straight
I don’t even smoke weed no more I put that on the heaven’s gates
Speaking on the heaven’s gates I know I’m going to heaven mate

I never thought I’d say this but I’m eating on a vegan plate
Don’t take me to chick fil a I’m eating at the grand café
They ain’t even open on Sunday anyway
Fuck your dinner date
You are what you eat I’m countin green eatin’ celery
I don’t care what nobody else think or say
Self love the best love
Self hate got you outta shape
Distractions all in your face
They tell me when they gone away
Donald Trump the last president ain’t no more candidates
Turn my backyard to farm land
But grew up watching gang land
On the block hangin’ I had my drac sangin’
All the negatives you put in
You get it back that’s dangerous
Felt like all my karma came back when I got famous
Put the good in you get the good out
I don’t even tote my gun no more cause I’m knowin that I’m good now
Universe keep workin for me
Aint nobody gonna touch me
They say protect chop at all costs
They need to change the subject

Bryson, Bryson
Everybody loves Bryson
Bryson, Bryson
Everybody loves Bryson

Bryson, Bryson
Everybody loves Bryson
Bryson, Bryson
Everybody loves Bryson

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Woah this is amazing! Not bad


B Rl says:


Jim V says:

hella talented

I don’t Know says:

#OTF gang boyssss

XnvySZN says:

Did he say … free 6ixe9ine🤦🏾‍♂️

Cedric Davis says:

Why do I feel like this is his only holy song.

Bogdan Banilievici says:

Nice music, but that hair and those teeths. Why ppl like to make themselves ugly?

Slime Trey1 says:

Grinding in that sand I seen the divadand I’m bigger man better man I gotta better plan 💔💯😞😞😞 they can’t delete this one I felt this one especially when u said that ⬆️⬆️ if Youn understand well somebody understand then . I promise I understand Choppa 💯💔

Aubrey Wright says:

That’s my nef you name pls god bless you

RapGod TV says:

“Put positive thoughts into Yo heart it’ll change yo 🧬 “

Lil snip Baby says:


Marie Barron says:

That's my name

Jastin Galliamore says:

Cousion welcome to Jackson gas m my cousin name is Bryson yelling Christmas

Ziggy Crockett says:

This song is helpful

Annie Roberts says:

Bryson bryson everyone loves Bryson

bfmjohnny says:

This what yougboy needa do 💔

P J says:

Choppa inspires me! 💜💜💜

Og Jordan ent says:

In school my Teacher said mute yo mic when the playing

merxxYT_94 says:

tell me who disliked this if you did you suck

Zion Onwere says:

put this on 1.25 speed it sounds soo cool

Zion Onwere says:

how do people dislike this

Mari Brinson says:

Love it may god protect you at all times

Alex Quesada says:

What does he mean when he says “Donald Trump is the last president”? Genuine question 🙂 please no hate

Amari Woke the world says:

That’s how it be when you touch people on yo spiritual journey on real followers know I’m proud of him he gone be safe for sure his angels really watching over him

Jus says:

He so humble god bless your heart bro

Jakayden Rogers says:

The best rapper out

Breazeh says:

Where’s all my vegan brothers and sisters 😍😍😍 this song really touched me when Choppa mentioned he’s vegan now ❤️😎 BLESS this brother on his new spiritual journey 🙏🙏🙏

juss chiillin says:

Donald Trump the last President, aint no more candidates" 💯🔥🔥🔥

Friend says:

Its crazy how we lookin back at what he used to live up to and i respect this guy so much Nle really blew up

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