Olivia Rodrigo – drivers license (Karaoke Version)

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Karaoke sing along of “drivers license” by Olivia Rodrigo from Sing King Karaoke
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Sing King says:

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Nyah unicorn says:

is it just me or it faster than the original

Avery! says:

Im ok at singing but yeah sometimes i sound like a dyeing goat or pig

Neomi Dorado says:

my audacity to think i can sing this song asfkjhasdfkj

Savage Studios says:

You Just got a new subsriber

Eman Yousif says:

if olivia knew i sound this she would quit her singing career

Grace DAVIES says:

I love to sing

Magickid 3DX says:

This is awesome! I have a question though, you think you can maybe do one for "Help Me" by Nick Carter?

m m says:

Can you please do ride by Sara diamond

한류가수장경화TV says:


한류가수장경화TV says:


Jaish Potter says:

I'm totally not singing this while I play roblox. 🤫🤭

Leah Cat Gaming says:

but I never felt this WAYYYYYYyYyyyyyYYY FoR nOnE

Chloe Meyer says:

Acceptation- you sound like an angle 🙂
reality-you sound like a dying bird. -_-

Sniper Girlpro says:

You came here form James Charles driver license song

Chloe sings says:

no one:
not a single sould:
me at 2 am: GUESS U DIDNT MEAN IN THAT SONG ABOUT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am being honest I sound like a dying goat before I thought I was so good at singing but now 😐

bloodyinspird says:

The belting, I can't do it yet 🙁

Abi lil’ vids says:

Plz make a kareoke to naughty from Matilda

The Now Girls says:

I love your channel!!! I sound so good compared to it (not as good as Olivia)

Ashikha Ayoob says:

I nailed the high note!
But I'm a bad singer. I actually nailed it.

flizzie XToca says:

I love the song so much

yashica's days says:

i love this song and the song writer

Thelma Victor says:

i cant look at the comants bc I literally start cracking up at the middle of a word

Leanne Choy says:

I just did a cover of this. I linked the backing track in my description. Thank you so much for making it possible 🥳

وتين العنزي says:

This is the best song ever I’m crying this sooo nice🥺🥺🦋💖

Isabella Grace x says:

I cant sing but even I enjoyed this xxx isabella

Jim Sumbalan says:

Me: Searchs to sing Driber license xD
Also Me: THis Iz PeRfECt
Me Again:*Sings now*
Me Again 2x: Im so good at singing-
Mom: WaT aRe u SinGiNg??

Mabel XoXo says:

Milefield please ! I love that song that's why i want to try !

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