Peso Peso – "Back In Blood" Remix (Official Video)

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Shot by Dgreenfilmz


StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)


Javier Flores says:

Oowweee this version on iTunes now !

Chosen One says:

1:17 stomping demons out

Chris && jett says:

I feel a N** up with slugz then i throw his ass up in the MUDD🎶🎵 …… 😆😁😌

That shits funny but rl rl Hhahahhaa🙊

The Comment Guy says:

Peso aint real Mexican stop saying that

Miguel Rosales says:

These Mexican are out of line for one none of u no what u are yall claiming mexicano but are in a blood gang come on homie soy mexicano Del Azalan homie get real with yall self

Cambridge Bright says:

Wish version of a lame ass. So double the awful bs

Hector Jr. Maciel says:

This tuff you Goin a g stop bad boii you bank onna crazy stuff with joint wit me

Juan Parra says:

Peso Peso is the reason I dun blown out one of the three back windows in my troka !!! Shit is fire 🔥 and the beats are Bangin !!! If you don't believe me, get a block away from my Dodge and u be feeling that "One" Sundown in ya chest suckaz !!! HARDEST ESE EVA 4 President 2024 !!!

Ace Deuce says:

🤣🤣🤣 goofy ass dude

foolish_jester 69 says:

Y’all do realize as long as you have hella money laws ain’t shit

Eric Jones says:

Just got into peso peso his music been going hard sheeeshhh 🔥


I wouldn't advise your ass to run but your best lucc is to run wheeew

Cookie Deez says:

Im surprised pooh dint put him on his shit. Pese peso go hard fuck vent!

Joe Castillo says:

I 45 to that beltway 8teer . Trapping all day

That'sWhat I Said Hoe!! says:

Southwest niggas always biten Southeast niggas

A1 Collective says:

Peso luhhhhh them damn glasse bruh

Meeko rello says:

Bogus ass 6 grade lyrics.. Mike Jones ass vocab

Crooked Chris The barrel of snakes says:

69 2.0 in this bitch

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