PnB Rock – Rose Gold (feat. King Von) [Official Music Video] REACTION!!!

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My reaction to

Full ORIGINAL video PnB Rock – Rose Gold (feat. King Von) [Official Music Video]


Birdie Jeffers says:

Von was a real one 🙏 Lacking or not, payback is coming…🕯️

Robbie says:

Cmon snor you done enough video to recognize those all vons dudes but you gotta react to muwopfrmdao song he dropped after von passed it’s the dude who hit rondo after the shooting

Plb Advocate says:

Yea most of them dudes in the video from oblock dude in the blue was the one who stayed with him

Mariluz Delacruz says:

Lol I love ur reaction videos awesome


Oblock bj muwop boss top and more gathered for von

DatBoi Chase says:

King von part 🔥

Malik Smith II says:

PnB Rock x Pop Smoke "Ordinary"

Maria Del Socorro says:

Whats the intro tho

ToSmoothFor_ KW says:

Everybody in dat video from O block

VLOCKZ 20VZN fan says:

The intro fye I just got done watching lil he77 die 4 me u made the reaction

zIFlightz says:

PnB definitely on O Block he cool with Tee Grizzley and you know T and Durk be rocking together fr fr

Dev Brown says:

“Piecing that boy up together like nigga NIGGAAA😳👀”😂😂😂

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