PnB Rock – Rose Gold (feat. King Von) [Official Music Video]

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PnB Rock – Rose Gold (feat. King Von)

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vCriqqziin says:

When Von said “ Before I die, they gon remember me”. That hit hard no that he gon 🥺 LLV ❤️

Quamir Anderson says:

To this day this song go hard on my momma

jdubs says:

Von was ahead of his time like PnB let him have the shine in the interview with Wallow and Gilly, and didn’t try to to step on his toes and make it bout himself rock a real one for that. rip von

Kkgang Nana says:

Von part make the song so good just saying in my opinion

Ash Elazizy says:

This was done perfectly.

Dzyon Amv says:

I have seen pnb in a min and well I was thinking on checking on him damn This song deep tho.

Frank Ruiz says:

Miss you gang LLKV

Juan Camilo Gómez says:

Que chimba de música escuchándolos desde Medellín Colombia 🔥🔥🔥

GFM- Wright says:

Song go hard and the beat, just wish they would’ve made the bass hit a lil harder when the beat drops!

ashley jones says:

Yea I never met you but you was the hardest.. all your songs.. I’m from the chi to damn..llvon❤️


He real for putting vons homies in the video

iWorkingz- says:

Respect for bringin in OBlock to represent Von✊🏾

Jordan The Streetkid says:


FF2 CLAN says:

Pnb prolly got the most posthumous fts. Middle child, ordinary, this song and way more

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