Polo G – DND (Official Video) 🎨By. Ryan Lynch

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Official video for “DND” by Polo G.
Listen & Download ‘THE GOAT’ out now: https://PoloG.lnk.to/GOAT

Amazon – https://PoloG.lnk.to/GOAT/amazonmusic
Apple Music – https://PoloG.lnk.to/GOAT/applemusic
iTunes – https://PoloG.lnk.to/GOAT/itunes
Spotify – https://PoloG.lnk.to/GOAT/spotify
Soundcloud – https://PoloG.lnk.to/GOAT/soundcloud
YouTube Music – https://PoloG.lnk.to/GOAT/youtubemusic

Directed by Jordan Wozy

Merch available now! – https://capalotapparel.com/

Follow Polo G
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pologofficial/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/polo.capalot/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/polo_capalot


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Loki Gaming says:

Polo g is the best rapper in the world stop sleeping on him. Without polo g to be honest I wouldn’t be here. He help with his album die a legend through some hard times so to repay him he’s the only rapper I listen to . He is the best l lyrical artist on the planet🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Isaiah Williams says:

When I heard this song I new this was the turning point in Polo G's career. Then soon after The GOAT came out.

Tahmina Naheed says:

He help me win my 1s

pixel gun 3d fam says:

"Make Sure I Keep My Phone On Dnd I Keep my door closed I just tryna put the rob gang in a choke hold" Once I heard I was like Omg Yes He Is AMAZING You Are The Best Rapper in the world no body can beat you Are To Good You Will Be the Goat Forever


He will not ever die

OiTrees 999 says:

I'll be here for the next 5 years. No cap sir

Y0SHHIII says:

This is fire!!


Dislikes are from all the people he hit decline on

Soulz says:

this song is pretty good

De_ Goat says:

Polo u da goat bruh keep going don’t let no one put u down bro bro u deserve the title of the G.O.A.T

Yasmine Wiseman says:


The Golden Boy says:

Dnd Diclaim Dnd Diclaim I just got money on mind I just got money on mind
Dnd Diclaim Dnd Diclaim I Just got money on mind I just got money on mind
I just got money on mind I just got money on mind Dnd Diclaim Dnd Diclaim I Just got money on mind x4

The Golden Boy says:

Diclaim Diclaim Diclaim Diclaim x4
Just got money on my mind x2
Diclaim Diclaim just got money on my mind x2

The Golden Boy says:

Diclaim x4
They just wanna see u when u fucking shinning when u fucking shinning shining shinning like this if u shining like this when u shinning like this
Diclaim x4
They just wanna see u if u fucking shine

Gran bwa (Big Wood)!!$ says:

Nt me kill them all no

Gran bwa (Big Wood)!!$ says:

Da 13 sun want to talk to kids of God melanin kids cops

Gran bwa (Big Wood)!!$ says:

I'm 12 yrs y is there a face of Jesus blondey

Gran bwa (Big Wood)!!$ says:

I'm rat

Joe Exotic says:

My nigga I thought this was dungeons and dragons

Lil Fil official says:

You don't know what I would give to hear this song for the first time again

Chan Mang says:

Make sur my phone on dnd sheeesh

Kid Codeinee says:

Fuck the peace signs🤟🏼

dwilliams says:

Best in the game rn 🐐

TXCMJ says:

dimond vvss gucci cubin color rose gold
best lyrics fr

Q the gamer says:

Polo g is my favorite rapper and yes he is better the NBA YoungBoy his music is something you can relate to and I've grew up on polo g I listened to him when I was like 9 or 10 and now I'm 11 turining 12 this year

Got Bxnz says:

Polo is going to die in October 2021

4tk._Chris says:

“They killing kids and wonder why summer so cold” is probably the most real and hardest line over ever heard 💯💯

ROblOx PLAYER 67 says:

holy shit 🥵🥶

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