Polo G – Heartless – (Clean) – (BEST ON YOUTUBE) – (Reprod. Spartanater)

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I got tired of all the mediocre clean edits of Heartless on YouTube, so I decided to make my own even though it’s pretty late. Even though it’s late, here is the best clean edit of Heartless by Polo G on YouTube, and this song is so good that I wasn’t about to let the dumb clean edits ruin it. Enjoy!

All credit and rights to Polo G (Artist) and DJ Mustard (Producer)


BugseyJr says:

Who here cuz there mom in the car

Young Red says:

Bro fire 🔥

Braxton Bowers says:


aastrv0 x says:

playing for my mom lol

A k says:

Who here because of Ramadan.

Game mode h 2.0 says:

Polo g goat this fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Jana Crigler says:

2:24 my FAV part two

Jana Crigler says:

the call him the goat for a reason

kametriss handy says:


Kevrevvs says:

My dad in the car so i went straight to clean😭

odera odera says:

i started rapping cuz polo

ᄌsyncلعᄒ says:

POLO G Be lity

ᄌsyncلعᄒ says:


Mrlun471c says:

I’m here and I’m 9, WOW this song is good.

MsGoldFish says:

Maybe someone wants to hear this on loop so here's the loop instructions.

Press Alt and right click, and press loop. To stop this do the instructions again.
You're welcome.

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