Pop Smoke – For The Night INSTRUMENTAL [Ft. Lil Baby & Dababy] (Best On Youtube)

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The Instrumental Is Originally Produced By Palaze, CashMoneyAp & Daniel Moras.

Reproduced By Skyie

I do not own rights to this.

Contact –

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StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)


skyie says:

“yo popsmoke used ur beat”

elvaondatrack says:

the 808 outa key everything else good

F Rossi says:

Ya ya ya ya
Stavo seguendo il sogno
Senza a fermarmi
Pedalavo forte
Sempre più degli altri
Ma c’ho rotto il freno
E no non so fermarmi
Con sta vita stolta
Non so rapportarmi
Con alcuni amici
C’ho perso i contatti
Quindi non so mai
Se posso fidarmi

Ma ricordo sempre
Chi c’è sempre stato
Quando è andato storto
Se sono inciampato
Corra via
Bro just for a night
La vostra allegria
Un po’ mi mette via
Mr apatia
Fatto per la via
In santa maria
Le cose che non sai
E ho fatto un po’
Delle tue song
Ma fra non so
Mica vero
Tu non fai il boss
No non coi no
Riprova bro
Per le mie thots
Oh bro
Danger stranger
Can’t Fuck a goat
Aim to the champion
and next to the top
Die as a legend
Or u die alone
That little children
In growing strong

K-JeLL ♪ says:

I honestly think you should just have turn the flute up a bit. You also forget the bell

Victor Rezai says:

808 wrong 🙁

Aj The Producer says:

Who own this beat you the 3th one post it ????

Young street Baby says:


Meleebeats says:

808 baad out of tune

eknopsy says:

Já não me sinto mal mais

nobody says:

My remake is not famous :(((

Eduardo bastardo says:

instrumental.. brutal… top


You the only one that got it right

elSabio says:

El sabiooo lokooo
Esto es el sabio loko
De Un sabio q sta muy loko
Y esq con todo yo me choco
yo estoy fly por culpa de tu choco
Y esq no pueeedo hacer mas na
Soy como la grasa satura
pura droga sin cortar yeah
esto es un remix universal
Esto es un remix del pop smoke y lo escuchas pa bailar y seguir fumandole mas…

usuejejd xjej says:

do u get copyrighted if u use this?


nailed the guitar

venom liked and subbed

Deps Films says:

I slowed this song down lemme know how it sounds!!

ALEXX says:

my remix coming soon

Nymos says:

so vibey fam, diggin this one!!

vineet says:

Do you mind if i use it ?

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