Post Malone, Travis Scott – Lost On You (Official Video)

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Official Music Video by Post Malone, Travis Scott – Lost On You 2021

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Post Malone, Travis Scott – Lost On You (Official Video). © 2021 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
© Lemonade Music


Lemonade Music says:

Enjoy it! Comment, rate and check my channel ! Let me know your thoughts in comments!

martina herrmann says:


Rue Bennett says:

It's true I have a lot of fans but I only wanted you. I would talk about my fans to you when you confused me. One minute I would think I have an invitation the next it's friendzone vibes all the way, super confusing. I guess it was my dream to have that Steph and Ayesha love. That love where you marry your best friend from high school. That spiritually connected love. If I wanted to just be married I could have been already. If I wanted someone for just looks or money I could have had that already. The reality is you know very little about me I never really opened up about the dark stuff I keep locked away. All this stuff I imagined is not real. I imagined you knew me in ways no one else did, it was crazy I know. The reality is you are married now. I can predict that the relationship will spiral from what you told me she is much younger and still in self-discovery. I mean we are all continually growing and discovering but there are levels to this. I'm on level ten she is level three and I guess if you can't see that you're at level three as well. That's why I left my ex- going from level three to ten takes years of life experience.

blue green says:


Marcos Chivari says:

What is this bullsh*t? bruh

macy santos says:

worldwide success for those who are reading this comment❤😍

B I L Y Y Y says:

Why travis scoot jump in a hole?¿ LETS GOOOOO DABABY

Jase N. TowerS says:

It was o. K … Right?

Ruth Miah 2021 says:


THz [THUND3Rz] says:


-- says:

The fact that some people are falling for this fake channel saying “Great collab” when the singers aren’t actually singing in the video is sad

Boba TheFett says:

According to Lemonade Music Post Malone wrote and released every other song that came out between 2018 and 2021

Kumshir Walling says:

This isn't posty , y'all dumb

Ana Carolina Santos Goncalves says:


amour yvette says:


Heather Oliva says:

Love endures ALL things….

Alchemist Vape Cabin says:

Ayyy hi guys!

Dust Love butterfly says:

Someone wants to talk?

giftyt123 says:

this is dope

Monic Mm2 says:


Siamboi kahi says:

Stop using artist's name to get views, have some gut to be original

Baleme Koita says:

Travis Yesss

Selekton HD says:

Where's Post and where is Travis hidding?
Just a cutted video with a random (actual good) song.

Rubí Vega Carreón says:

Love u ❤️ Post Malone

MekFil says:

Beautiful <3

Todd Petteway says:

“Nice, Posty flows in 🌵vibes.Sweet‼️”

Jonathan Plascencia says:


Pipoquinha HD says:

that bass is wow

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