Quando Rondo – Letter To My Daughter (Instrumental) (BEST ONE ON YOUTUBE)

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Quality instrumental for “Letter To My Daughter” by Quando Rondo.

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Quando Rondo – Letter To My Daughter (Instrumental) (BEST ONE ON YOUTUBE)


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StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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Woah this is amazing! Not bad


prod. A1 Rocky says:

💻 Website – http://bit.ly/A1Rwebsite

💬 E-Mail – a1rocky@wp.pl

💙 Instagram – http://bit.ly/A1Rinstagram // @a1rockyofficial

Fuego Luciano says:

This here a letter to my past that I Can’t let go
Left me on my ass
Said I’m all set hoe
Steady smoking grass
You know how I roll
Life took its toll
But I’m still in effect
I got my goals
I’ve seen neglect
I’ll never fold
I need respect
Fuck the gold I needa check
Some shit getting old I needa breathe
Then next move is to step up
This game is chess
Or ball so check up
Been got my specs up
Look at my frame
Done did my wreck up
That dumb shit was lame
People either fess up
Or they make me the blame
Just focus on the bless up
Just focus on the better
If I stay in the dirt
Like these lames
They can dictate me the same
I ain’t care bout no judgement
But I made my lane
So shit yes I run it fuck any fame
Fuck any clout
I can sustain without it
Ain’t what I’m about
But saying Fuck em if they doubted
Tryna reroute Me
But there ain’t no way around it
I’m destined for greatness
Even with the haters hounding
Even with this pain it’s drowning
Negativity ima see ya later
Say you set wit me
No debate I’m looking to the beta
I’m looking to my future
Tryna get weight up
Tryna get my cake up and stack it
It’s hard when shit gets drastic
Wake up people dieng another casket

Airjuan 240 says:

Hey can I use this beat?

CashAddict Gang says:

Rich homie should remix this 🔥

Justo Peezy says:

this isn’t good

nio IV says:

Best on youtube

Agustin Marcial-Guevara says:

🔥 🔥 🔥

Xander Beatz says:

Crazyyy remake brother

Chanez G says:

Lit 💯 thank you brotha

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