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Reviewing Tom MacDonald & Mac Lethal's Diss Tracks

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Tom’s first diss:

Mac’s response:

Tom’s second diss:

Animated intro by Mike Manor:

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StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)


Do you like Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)?

Woah this is amazing! Not bad


John Gonzalez says:

That whole shit is vegetables not beef young buck just dropped a diss to fifty aka foofty

Thomas Green says:

Oh and just admit you love tom macdonald. Denial hurts over time.. Plus think of all the views youve got just from videos about him. Or why you feel the need to keep talking about him so much. Food for thot

Thomas Green says:

For weeks any time you searched mac lethal on youtube. First thing that came up in your search was tom macdonald – mac lethal sucks. It was secertly clever..

Pedro Delgado says:

Dude open your fucking eyes bitch lol you look smart but no idea of logic and omg stop crying bitch because the gonna butt plug you lol

Pedro Delgado says:

Dude you are a fucking backstabber of a friend so tell us all you havent stabbed a friend in the back hard, try me bitch lol why do you lie😂

Ryan Depratto says:

I think tom won this one

Dasyure says:

Wow everybody who shits on Tom is solely because of their political beliefs and they can't explain what's actually bad about him.

Ramon P says:

Tom Macdonald is a poor mans Mgk which is very sad. Mac lethal isn’t any better but lyrically he killed Tom.

Casper TheFriendlyStoner says:

Did you catch the Chris Benoit bar tho?

Doom Killer says:

Yo is it just me or is this man a pedo

Doggo says:

Tom's first diss track was a bait and Mac took it, then Tom proceeded lay out the facts with the second track.

Jaime says:

This is some great Mac on Mac violence…

Skela Tonne says:

Fat lethal lost a lot of subs because of tom. Tom lost none. I care for neither and think they both suck.

Skela Tonne says:

4:44 the greatest compliment for Tom

Matt Jones says:

Dude you should give this shit up it sounds like you don't know what you're talking about you live in Fantano World in your little safe space bubble if you haven't noticed these days its consider acceptable by the media and most of the Liberals to call all white people racist Tom never said he was oppressed he was talking about being called racist just because of the color of his skin you dumb ass but I think you already knew that and your sucking the youtube drama dick for views how long do you think your fans are gonna stick around if you keep doing the same videos over and over again?

Matt Jones says:

You hate on Tom MacDonald because it gives you views, Man you are such a sad little bald Man you've got a hate hard on for Tom and I knew you were gonna take Mac's side your so predictable Mac couldn't even use his own music he took it from another song, your so Fucking biased and full of shit its coming out of your ears

Matt Jones says:

Pretty sure you're just butthurt you don't have a successful music career

Thugga says:

Tell me why Mac Lethal Sucks is actually not bad

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