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Rick Ross – Aston Martin Music ft. Drake, Chrisette Michele

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Rick Ross Feat. Chrisette Michelle & Drake – Aston Martin Music
Album: Teflon Don (2010)

Aston Martin Music
Aston Martin Music
Aston Martin Music
Aston Martin Music


StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)


Do you like Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)?

Woah this is amazing! Not bad


Gareth Sykes says:

Zimbabwean colleagues got me into these tunes💀

Princess Coco says:

Drake Sings If you Happy and you know It clap your hands

Big Dog TV says:

Music like this needs to come back

Killa Cabdi says:

Let's pull out the SLR baby here we go!

kz kelly says:

I’m obsessed with this song

Waldeise Santos says:

Diabo da pedrada

Hamburgler says:

Im about to buy the old cadillac CTS. Cant wait to bump this

Philippe Berset says:

Justice League 4 ever

Jean Salomon says:

0:33 kiss me on my balls

Imani S says:

It’s 1:45am here and I just randomly started singing this, could not figure out what the name was at first, but this brings back so many memories. Back when stuff was easier 🥲❤️✨

Michael Bull says:

This was Rick Ross in his prime the great production and feathered he was untouchable

Zeke Salinas says:


blackk _pinkk says:

The nostalgia is hittin hard🥺

orethius wrice says:

Who is listening to this in 2021?

The 𝐜𝓛𝔲๒𝐇Ỗ𝓾Ⓢ𝓔 🍭🎀 says:

not me trying to sleep with this song on repeat but instead of sleeping im singing the whole song 10 times over…….

Shay Butter says:

My Shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Marcia Barrow says:

Happy Valentine's day 2021

Ugur Karaman says:

ersen martin müzik 👍

Javierita Pino says:

kubz scouts

My Mommydisownedme says:

Thought this song was made 2 or 1 year after I was born I still miss those 2010-15 days😫

K L says:

ksi vs logan paul

Keven Monteiro says:

Never gets old.

Alex Sa says:

This beat is awesome

The Shed Talk says:

I love you forever Zhan’e Ima always love you til my last days no matter wat 😘 #4L

Jermaia Dukes says:

Javara B, Nicole Williams, KTanesha John-Lee, Carolyn Howell, Tink Dukes, Shania Denise, Tiara Truelove, Jessika Colucci, Seven Duke's, and Jmaia Dukess Singing Aston Martin Music at the Stage Show in

Joshua Sewell says:

Timmy Borquez, Al, Max Schultz as Bear

ElCuhMemoTV says:

We're all gonna die within the next 100 years, I love yall.

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