RIP THE GOAT EMINEM?Machine Gun Kelly “Rap Devil” (Eminem Diss) Official Music Video) | FVO Reaction

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FVO says:

First off if ya guys know anything about YouTube we had to cutt this shit so we won’t get copyright or strikes , blocked if we pause it we still get copy righted & second if you really think we think MGK killed em ya STUPID!! it was click bait MFs ya click the video so for all you dumb mf in the comment get off our 🥜 & MGK did do his thing tho but em is the king of rap battles he grew up on that shit so gtfoh with all those dumb comments thanks

Cincere Wright says:

Y'all some dumbasses rip y'all YouTube channel mkg ain't even touching enmienin .

Oscrack Pro says:

Kill Shot Guys Please xd

Aries Servellon says:

Check out killshot Eminem mgk diss

Rachel Gray says:

Yall need to react to Eminem response- killshot

Crystal archie says:

I'm back from the future, it's a sinking ship…. Eminem just killed mgk funeral arrangements are being made….

Shaleigh Gray says:

I’m waiting on this KILLSHOT reaction though

Ducreate says:

know anything about youtube?? why is it yall the only reaction video that's cutting like this?? lol if yall worried about copy right then dont do reaction videos. these cuts are annoying as fuck.

dezmon Sorel says:

Kill shot review where is it

Chris Lafon says:

Eminem response to MGK today…Kill Shot. #RipMgk

itsyoboii Savage says:

I'm sorry but if Eminem really wanted to he could end mgks carer

David Thompson says:

Eminem- Killshot (mgk diss)

Riri Riri says:

This diss made this young man very visible and mucho views

Chihab Usmiste says:

The man who wears a hat, you always look at your partner he is your boss or somthing. fuck this

Dormammu Bargain says:

You know you can react at the end… just say ohhhh, ahhhhhhh…. OOOOOOOOOOOh!!!!… and the end give thoughts… just an idea.

iScubaPis says:

he did not offended hailie..

Robbin Hood says:


*1ST ROUND KO 👿 + 👊 = 😵

El Taco Destroyer says:

My reaction to your reaction is a reaction because there is never too many reactions of reactions for reaction videos on YouTube reactions.

sharp vids says:

When does wiz khalifa started to react??

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