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Run The Jewels – JU$T [ft. Pharrell Williams and Zack de la Rocha] (Lyric Video)

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Director: Winston Hacking – @winstonhacking
Producer: Rik Green
Executive Producer: Amaechi Uzoigwe; Rik Green
Production Co: Pulse Films
Co-Designer: Andrew Zukerman – @zukerschnau
Type Animation: Drew Tyndell – @drewtyndell

Copyright 2020 RTJ Media, Inc

Official lyric video for “JU$T” from Run The Jewels 4.
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DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)


Do you like Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)?

Woah this is amazing! Not bad


original iphone xs for 1 usd tap my avatar says:

0:54 hot

Kairyuu Cruz says:

First time hearing his music and this slaps. Really cool he’s touring my city

indyinvy says:

Just call this the music video. It has like every 10th word on screen but called a lyric video?? Awesome song nonetheless

Adam Sorgenti says:

Damn… 10/10

Tajfun Tajfun says:

Vibin in Cyberpunk 2077

B Taylor says:

This is terrible. The beat is terrible. The condescending nature of the content is obvious. The content is half-baked. More people trying to cash in on tribalism and divisiveness.

cojocoolio says:

Anthem of the Revolution 2020

Jose Rosales says:

Damn Zach fuking killed it

Gabriel Riccio says:

Will ZDLR just drop his El-P solo record and join the group already?

William Johnson says:

Satanic filth

stludachris says:

Run the Jewels: 🔊🎶
1/2 the population: r/whoosh

kuru K says:

Zack's back. Rage against lockheed martin

centurion1945 says:

Dirty cops gonna arrest RTJ for assault because these lines hit hard.

Masked Shadow says:

This should be in Watch Dogs 2 credits


Sell a pack a smokes to get food, get killed, it’s not a anomaly, it’s just money!

Macro Scope says:

Killer Mike calling out Epstein in the first verse… meanwhile, pharrell be on Epstein flight log. Whoops.

jdbg1 says:

Fuck son, this some gourmet shit. Sweeet lines

Amin Jama says:

Kill your masters. "that's the line probably get my ass assassinated ". Killer mike warned as everybody

MRS M says:

Content like this is makes you more than just a rapper! I love it.

Serban Georgescu says:

276 dislikes. You hate run the jewels you don't love the truth


To quote the great E-40, "This shit haaaaaaard!"

Amin Jama says:

This is too hot and real for YouTube. I'm surprised they allow this type of realness on this corporate platform, let alone letting it trend. You sitting on the front seat tell them to their face we are right behind you.

Muhammad Tarique says:

I wanna Thank you, in the age of Clout chasers we desperately needed you.

Canadien Medic says:

This video is awesome!

Andrew Torres says:

Mastered the pandemic, got this track stuck in my system

Deine Mom says:


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