Sabrina Carpenter – Eyes Wide Open (Official Video)

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Sabrina Carpenter – Eyes Wide Open (Official Video)

Sabrina’s debut album, “Eyes Wide Open” is available now!

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Hyunjinxbabe _ says:

Ella descubrio el futuro de twice

Gabb Diaz says:


pedro luiz says:

who is the other girl in the video ?

Calvin Wager says:

Watch Sabrina Carpenter on Girl Meets World

Karoline Costa silva says:

Arrasouuu!! Te amo Sabrina ♥️🌺😒

Jaidyn Henderson says:

i miss her old music like this, now she has a song like skin that’s childish

Michelle Cox says:

I can't be the only one that wanted her dress in this 🤣

Queenie says:

how did i forget this bop tho

Maria Bento says:

🇧🇷 Brasil 🇧🇷

miri the hedgehog says:

My playlist is now Sabrina and a bit of dua lipa but mostly Sabrina

Jack Edwards says:

were you given birth by an angel?

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