Same Side (feat. Rob49) – Lil Durk | POLO G, Dave, The Weeknd

Same Side (feat. Rob49) – Lil Durk | POLO G, Dave, The Weeknd
Same Side (feat. Rob49) – Lil Durk | POLO G, Dave, The Weeknd
Same Side (feat. Rob49) – Lil Durk | POLO G, Dave, The Weeknd

(Man, you know what the fuck goin’ on, nigga) yeah, yeah
(Two street niggas link up, nigga) yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah (on foenem grave)
(And if the beat live, you know Lil Ju made it) go, go, go
Yeah, I’m still out here trappin’, nigga
Money long, buyin’ hoes everything they want ’cause my bag different
Real trench nigga, all I hang around murderers and dope dealers (yeah)
Real deal P pusher (yeah)
Real bad ho fucker (yeah)
Real deal wife taker (go, go)
Yo’ homie died, you jumped in front of that fire, think you a life saver (grrah)
And I fell out with my bitch, thought she was cheatin’, but it was a vibrator (go, go, go)
Y’all laughed when bro died, when yo’ bro died, turned to a cry baby (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Jumped out on both sides with a four-five, that boy can’t hide, can he? (Gang, come here, man, what?)
Had a kid with a eater bitch, I tried to trick her, said I can’t have babies (let’s get it)
Even though you on papers, gotta keep a gun, brodie, don’t drive crazy (let’s get it)
I just beat the same gun case with the same lawyer that Nine gave me (let’s get it)
I ain’t givin’ no guns up, I got the same gun that Slime gave me (go, go)
Yeah, touch this chain, this nigga dead, I dropped that bag, it’s on his head
Switched on me a few times, I can’t let ’em get that chance again
I was dead broke, they was poppin’ shit, them niggas laughed at us
I feel like I’m still gon’ get that karma for what my brother did
Check her off the list, I put in work, now my bag secured
Get her nails and hair done ’cause I’m rich, I ain’t trippin’ on it
Changed my mindset and I went bossed up by myself
Look in my eyes and see a hustler, I sell ’em how they come
Yeah, keep hearin’ all the rumors, they want me dead and I don’t know
I believe ’em, but then I don’t, shit, they did shoot at my car
I keep tellin’ myself if I find out who really did it, then niggas chalk
I see everything they say, but I can’t do no back and forth
Go, go, go
Go, go, go
Go, go, go
Go, go, go (gang, grrah)
Ran off with a hundred, I tricked his ass like, “Let’s play Simon Says” (let’s get it)
Called my phone like, “Simon said come back,” I’m like, “Simon dead” (brrah)
Brodie took ’em on a chase and they got the plates, bro, take mine instead (go)
They taxed him heavy for that funeral, they can’t find his head (brrah)
Bitches ask, can they come take a pic’? Just don’t grab my dick
Called Yak when Jah was doin’ my hair, I’m in the ‘Raq with wicks (go)
Don’t sweat when you see Wet, he leave you wet-wet, shout out to Drench (go, go, go)
You known slide alone, but you know it’s wrong to be without the tints (let’s get it)
Foe’nem comin’ home, it just take long ’cause ain’t no self defense (go)
Left that bitch alone, that bitch too grown to not just pay her rent (let’s get it)
Ask 49, he seen me with four nines inside my Cali crib
California got real killers, I hate when niggas say Cali weird (gang, yeah)
Go, go, go
Go, go, go
Go, go, go
Go, go, go