Saweetie – Best Friend (Lyric Video) ft. Doja Cat

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Saweetie – Best Friend (Lyric Video) ft. Doja Cat

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mel melom says:

the only time there were 2 pretty best friends

Mash Art says:

I've made a Best Friends mashup with Iggy Azalea ❤️

nina nina says:


Carolina Bergström says:

Listening to this, to skip the intro from the official video. 🗣💬😝🙌 😘

London Seiber says:

I don't like it because it got a lot of stuff that not good

Dawid 99 says:


Deniz Sumakoğlu says:


La Fudge says:

Saweetie's voice is just, ugh! 😩💦

Jennifer Alexis says:


Namita Sahrawat says:

Am I the only one whose best friend sent this song to their birthday?😂

Нарине Уганисян says:

Cool turned out and there is a mate? 😳

Emma Rosmayani says:

Aku suka suara kalian ….

mariane10next says:



✨they are going to go so far together✨

kaan erat says:

y’all know we need jenlisa version for this song😩😩😩

Carmel Kabs says:

I like the way doja cat rap

Sandy Coontz says:

I like the old songs better she should NOT HAVE SAING THIS song I hate her shes my lest favorite artist her mom should not like her eneymore she needs to STOP HER MUSIC! Now.

Notmeh Yt says:

Me have no best firend

Çağla Avşar says:

Türk varsa beğenin looo

Lara Sami says:

I love your song

Lara Sami says:


Lara Sami says:

I know that music it is on Snapchat and that is why I searched for the song

DJ KIBS says:

=] subscribe

Hadas Gil says:

Addicted to this song

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