SHADY IS BACK!! Eminem – Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas | MUSIC VIDEO REACTION

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YICReacts to Eminem – Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas (Music Video Reaction) Is this the BEST SONG of 2018?????

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Eminem Joyner Lucas Lucky You reaction yic reacts

Please watch: “YIC – HOLD IT DOWN [Official Music Video] (Dir. by @TyFitzMedia)”


YICReacts says:

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Matthew Angelette says:

Its more than rap.the people with red eye are meant to depicts a country of mindless followers and to demonstrate the impact people in the spotlight have on Society.hence why og rappers and all the rappers are so pissed about the mumble rap bullshit.

Teun Anthoniesse says:

Why the fuck are you pausing it so fucking much and why are you gonna fucking talk when eminem is going fast and you just fucking talk while he’s rapping are you retarted. jezus!!

Ryan Torres says:

Fastest ever??? Eminem obviously 🙄

AXP 26 says:


Kyle Kyle says:

In that rap I actually calculated it but Eminem went 11 syllable per second and Joyner went 7 so although it’s a little hard to tell the different Eminem is truly the fasted our of everybody

Kyle Kyle says:

Eminem is faster than joyner

Montie Austin says:

Clones bro!!!!!!! All these clones in. Rap

Nicholas Lamon says:

There is a rumor mgk had a ghost writer help him on rap devil

Shrek Junior says:

94 % to 5%
Poor Joyner

Nicholas Lamon says:

Eminem is faster then Joyner

Dalton Does What says:

All of them copying them is supposed to represent the rappers these days copying other people's styles cause nobody had their own style anymore or it could be their fans and showing that the fans always copy the rapper no matter what 🤷

allison winchester says:

When the flow to fast even CC can't keep up

Cynthia Monclaire says:

Nooo they are saying that rappers now a days copy each other and sound the same

Johhny depp says:

Ive been sleeping on the rap scene recently and somehow Joyner Lucas passed by me.. Yet again though, Eminem doing a collab with someone out of this fuckin world and me getting introduced to them cus of it. I dunno who's faster, I dunno who has the better lyrics.. They are both just so fuckin good. Eminem IS the GOAT but ay Lucas just know you in the same league skill set wise and even though you don't have the accolades yet.. we hear you! We see you!

Cody says:

He will get a trophy with this song along side Eminem

Erian Flores says:

Bro you paused the video in the worst possible moments -.-

princess Pokemon says:

The things with the red eyes are demons

Jerry Welss says:

The videos easy…people will do anything that other people do, they cant be themselves. They follow the crowd

Elias Garcia says:

Em has more experience in the rap game🔥

soccer god xxx says:

Pretending to be slim shady

g-vah styles says:

……Bone Thugs were the first. #FASTflow

Samy2333 says:

The real meaning its how people become so dumb like monkey they copy everything they see for no reason like dab shit and just wanna be famous like the one who really did it when he shoot them in the air its to show he here to turn this shit world upside down its time to stand up and say something

Bloggerz gonna blog says:

There the shady faceless rappers

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