Slipknot Drop Driving New Song “All Out Life”

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th@bl@kester says:

Fucking EPIC & if the new album is anything like this then Corey's words of "Iowa 2.0" will DEFINITELY hold true!!!

Red Dragon says:

Maggot for fucking life!! 🤘🤘🤘

God says:

Such a good track

Metal Pug says:

Who else is fucking hyped about this new album!

SinisterMinister says:

Pile of over produced rubbish. So much for 'heavier than iowa'. Hope there are better tracks.

Last Patriot says:

I want a Iowa and Grey Chapter mix
But if it can get heavier and darker than Iowa. Oh boys and girls. I can't wait

William Crowden says:

Yes dude the quote. Fuck yeah.

SargentSkidmarks 69 says:

4th album ?, It's there 6th SMH xp

Shoksta says:

Fuck Slipknot

The Forbidden Left Foot Of CallMeCarson says:

Is Ross Doing this album with them?

The Forbidden Left Foot Of CallMeCarson says:

IOWA instrumentaly and .5 vocally.

Fubar FG says:

Slipknot, the SJW metal band?

some random guy on YouTube says:

Aaaand as always loudwire is late

Eric Valverde says:

just when i needed someone to save me, the band that took me out of my grave realised a new song…just for when i was going to need it the most now that life lost its colors again

Tom Walker says:

Yeah, well, my parody band Slopknit just dropped our new driving song, "None In Death." It's for heavy driving, preferably in a motorized vehicle.

David Lomnicki says:

I am a Slapnuts fan but the nee song is just boring imo…

Buddy Kaiser says:

Research much? He said fourth coming album didn't he? It's going to be their sixth album. Come on dude!

darriel aqmal says:

where is tony gonzales

Rasmus Björklund says:

It's thier sixth album not fourth?

Salem Deluxe says:

And it’s greeeaaaaat

Ashley Dixon says:

I’m excited for this new slip knot album but more excited about the rumors of a 2019 Tool album. Well….. I’m equally excited and I am hoping new albums means tours so I can go to shows. Just seen Metallica last week and I’ve seen Tool 3 times but i haven’t had the privilege to get to a slipknot show …. fingers crossed 🤞 that that a tour will happen and in the US cuz I ain’ flying lol

Pain Peace says:

Lyrics is great ….it holds really great meaning ……m/

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