Spice visits Kartel For Bleaching Formula | Black Hypocrisy [Cartoon]

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Spice visits Kartel For Bleaching Formula | Black Hypocrisy [Cartoon]
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Created By Zeej Sterling
Voices By: CMRTV and HD Petique
Rr Studio 2018
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zeej_sterling/
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Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/zeejsterling/


Gazagirl 4lyphe says:

Go suck out yuh mada mon🤬🤬🤬 bbc yuh deeven sound like di world boss

vicksmoka says:

So y'all just gon ignore the fact dat shit is funny af but rather focus on who voiced Kartel… You ppl would literally suck Kartel dick wouldn't y'all


Lol that funny . Love dah last part deh haha

Stephen Robinson says:

Cmr suck u mada 😂, me just a follow all the comments and say the same thing

Fair Ani says:

Spice probably ruined her career

black Kayan says:

Maybe cmr a switch to the Gaza side yah now cause me nah really hear bout alkaline again

black Kayan says:

The way how unuh do cmr him must hate black people now lol

Kimberly Marshall says:

Boring yuh fuck cmr nuh sound like addi him voice lazy yuh fivk

Lornetta Brown says:

Industry hoes

Lornetta Brown says:

Nothing worst than going from black to white, lol ,

Christina barnay says:


Kevaun Gaza says:

Bring back #ASKALYRICAL Run weh batty boy CMR..

Kevaun Gaza says:

Shouldn't change the original bredda for Kartel voice, CMR not even sound quarter like Kartel.. and how unu fi use Alkaline biggest fan as Kartel voice?!! WTF!!

Gabriella Bailey says:

Whose cmr ??

Timmy Tuner says:

Meh Dem had to push out am not sup bey

Timmy Tuner says:

Nar intrap we da boy screen Nella! N heavy come up n had to push out whtcarskytv ha ha wow 🎲🔎🔎

Timmy Tuner says:

For da camcam lookup lights camras action yep mk Dem no don't fk with me if u no am crazy

Timmy Tuner says:

Boombaclad! Ya bad ever blazing ask cashwen if me nar com find har unstopablerosebankme empress ann meh

mionly vybz says:

Bad we bad Kenyan kartel upcoming

Warr-Analyst Gaza says:

Hey bwoy fish-MR guh jump through yuh muma big pussy … Batty bwoy cmr ..

GoodFellas Entertainment says:

Weh alka bitch a do ova yah?? 👀

Keisha Love says:

Get back aska lyrical to do vybz kartel voice

Gaza1knockist says:

Alkaslime mouth wash cmr stop try play the teacher you sea creature..

Foday Kanuteh says:

Cmrtv got into a trouble haha damn nah sound lyke addi

Candace S. says:

LAWD Jamaican people are so homophobic

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