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Sueco – Paralyzed (Acoustic) [Official Audio]

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Sueco – Paralyzed (Acoustic) [Official Audio]

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StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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Do you like Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)?

Woah this is amazing! Not bad



this gave me chills

shutup_Chibi says:

And i thought you used too much auto tune. Shame on me. I'm sold!

Brandon Shaw says:

How can I get you to release an unplugged album? Almost love this more than the original

BryanGunz999 says:

This one sounds a lot better then the original

Luke Orr says:

Sueco, Spotify tells me I listen to about 50,000 unique songs/tracks each year. I can confidently say that Paralyzed – and now the acoustic version – rank near the top of the songs I've listened to in quite some time – it takes me back to high school in so many wonderfully touching ways. Thank you for your music and all your hard work!

Dyoz Soccer says:

Loved it, you are the best brother

Ce Line says:

I really enjoy the vibe of it 😍

Bone McGuire says:

I love this man 🖤

David Turpin III says:

Bro this version is 100 times better. Fucking amazing bro keep at it 💪 💯

Dylan Kn says:

You're like a timebomb ticking away
Thirty seconds 'til you blow up right in my face
I can't find one good reason to stay
So why do I hate when you're walking away?

s says:

I love the rawness of his voice😍😌😌

Ajimisan Timothy says:

My song of the year.

Oklahoma Tribe says:

You're like a timebomb ticking away, 30 second to Mars left me on an acoustic rhythms

TheEnergy says:

Bet u won't respond

Dan Inturrisi says:


brandon powell says:

This is so much better than the last omfg…

Critter proformance says:

Song gets better everytime i hear it

Chris Georgia says:

It’s amazing

Hunna says:

Oooh this is perfect

Ashlee Campbell says:

The acoustic version gives me early 2000 punk pop feel and so many feels

Orin Humphrey says:

Sueco your music is great. Love seeing that your bringing rock music back

HDL Music says:

Acoustic is so much better

Bernardo Parral says:

I wanted him to release an acoustic for this song so bad,and it's actually out🔥🔥🖤

Dead wolf says:

He had to change it to acoustic instead of rock but the rock version which I think is a bit better is on Spotify

Katie Muscente1 says:

I didn’t I could love this song anymore than I already did 😍

Ruby Ruybal says:

This and the original are on constant repeat 😂 for weeks now!!!

Eric Miller says:

Very nice. I like.

Anthony Gonzalez says:

Great song man keep up the good work

Hidden says:

i had a feeling this was coming

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