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Sueco – SOS (Acoustic) [Official Audio]

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Sueco – SOS (Acoustic) [Official Audio]

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StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)


Do you like Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)?

Woah this is amazing! Not bad


Alesha Jolley says:

Really giving me some mayday parade vibes and I’m living for it 😍

rachel krats says:

Just started listen to sueco im instantly hooked,

No Name says:

Nobody show this song to tiktok…

Kelsey Phillips says:

Senses fail 2005 vibes. I'm here for it 🤘🏻

Ted Williamson says:

He going places he owns a Porsche

Tamara Soriano says:

I’m absolutely in love with his stuff. Such a talented man☺️ He’s already blowing up. 🖤

matthew hawk says:

New fan. You're music is amazing

Seriously Arvid says:

gives me major Neck Deep vibes

TENtoesTHOMAS says:

Christofer Drew vibes

Amber Carrillo says:

MGK watch out….

Marissa Wight says:

Seeing new artists bring back middle and high school feelings of truly connecting with music and playing it over and over is a gift you’ve given me. Thank you 🖤 coming from an “elder emo” I seriously see you going so far and carrying on the legacy.

Mushroom Mikel Official says:

i love this.!! 🔥

Justin Mabb says:

He should of been doing this the whole time

Spuki says:

POV: Ed Sheeran never fell in love with shape of you

Ashley Yellowrobe says:


Coy Beaman says:

Dude… This shit is so so so so fucking fire. Don't stop sueco. So good.

Average Intelligence Productions says:

You do not need autotune at all. It dampens your talent. Shine on brother. Love this.

Edward Stolte says:

So talented he does every kind of music

William Stephens says:

I grew up when pop punk and emo were main stream. Out of all of the young kids doing the rap and pop punk thing, i think you're the guy


Helps me through so much

iAmKevyKEV says:

Your going places man 🔺great music

Seb Axel says:

At this point it just sounds like somthing Neck Deep would of put out 10 years ago… AND I LOVE IT

Kyng EMan says:


Logan Stull says:

I fucking love you dude keep up the good work and I can’t wait till you drop your new song it’s gonna be a bannger dude

Justice & Cassie Borst says:

Make. More. Music. Like. This.

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