summer walker & bryson tiller – playing games﹝slowed + reverb﹞

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i wanna just listen, get in your vibe

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StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)


Do you like Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)?

Woah this is amazing! Not bad


Sof Egi says:

Lady Oscar?😳😳

Linda Fillmen says:

can you do like it and Anna Mae by Summer Walker

Linda Fillmen says:


Magical Cure says:

That's the character Lady Oscar from Rose of Versailles.

DC Denizen says:

Me, I'm never actin' shady…
You will always be my baby (yeah…yeah…)

Aaliyaha Ramos says:

I’ve been waiting for this song

Jack O LaternX says:

can u do chase atlantic angels one?

King Tii says:

That slow passionate… makeup sex typa song 😹 do people even have that 😹

maliyahhh says:

ion see the album on your sc???

Soma Natsuki says:

Sad girl hour be more harder

Lil Cy says:

where can i find these pictures that they be using?😭😭😭😭😭

reana williams says:

Can you do Meg Thee stallion Simon says

Eme Iban says:

This is sooooo good

Ava O says:

Whip, bought it
Crib, got it
Job, on it
Did I ever ask you to take me to go
Shopping in paris or go
Sailing overseas and just
Drape me in Gucci, no
All I ever asked was you to pick up the phone when you alone
All I ever asked was you to
Show me some love ,kisses and hugs
No I never had an issue, go to the club
With your boys baby, I never wanted u to stay , too long
Just wanted you to show me off
So won’t you say my name , say my name?
If you claim you want me, it aint no thang
You acting kinda shady
Ain’t been calling me baby
Boy you can go stop playing games
Playing games
I know you saying hit my line
I’m on your mind and that
You want this bad
So I’m cool with that
I’m just tryna match your words with your actions
I need more than satisfaction
Is you really bout that action?
Really wanna give your all
But flex in front of your friends
How that work?
Swear that you doing the most
But we take a picture can’t post it
How that work?
Quit your talking
Back that shit up
So won’t you say my, say my,
(Chorus Bryson and summer)
So won’t you say my name, say my name?
If you claim you want me, it aint no thang,
You acting kinda shady,
Ain’t been calling me baby,
Boy you can go stop playing games (yeah )
Playing games (yeah)
(Brysons verse )
I blow your mind, honey (damn)
Say it one time honey (goddamn)
Sick of them lies
Tell em goodbye
Get in my ride
I wanna come by
I just wanna listen
Get in your vibe
Get in your feelings
Get in your ———
Get in your feelings , none of your business
I wanna get kids and I wanna get—
I wanna get with you yeah
I wanna get him out the picture yeah
I made it my mission yeah
And despite the difference yeah
Me, I’m never acting shady!
You’ll always be my baby
You’ll be my baby
Yeah yeah

kayla turner says:

I can’t stop listening to this 😩😍

Mikaela Vera Cruz says:

Could you pleeease do push it by twenty88

Ill Vlone says:

damnit bro god fucking damnit we on this shit again every motherfucking night im just trying to be normal and progressive in this society and all i can do is listen to sad fucking songs and pity myself fuck all this shit bro fuck.

Jordin Kun says:

Bruh how come you haven’t posted on SoundCloud in a minute

Skyye Symone says:

Please Put this on your SoundCloud too!!! Lol

TK_ Logic says:

Relos just get harder and harder zzz..

Benia Usho says:

my songggg, bless ur soul🥺

Mj DeGawd says:

You just gained a subscriber 👌🏾👍🏾

marissa rochelle says:

do passionfruit by drake! That would be such a vibe🤩🤩

Eliana says:

Just might – Summer Walker pleaseee 🥺❤️

A. Winston says:

Can u please do more songs by h.e.r. please ?

𝘒𝘦𝘭𝘴 says:

Plaza – all night
Sing to it – ye ali
Sex in the city – Elliot Trent
Back and forth – ilham
Stay tho – Dwn2Earth
Outrun – Aftertheparty
Room 723 – TYus
Silhouette – TYus
With Me – Dvsn
Same Energy – K.Forest
Numb – Aftertheparty
Don’t Run – PartyNextDoor
Get you good – Roy Woods

side gorl says:

can you do MEGAN by $Not pls

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