T.I. – Ring (Official Video) ft. Young Thug

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Listen to the single “Ring”. Out now!

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Official music video by T.I. feat. Young Thug performing “Ring” © 2020 Grand Hustle / EMPIRE


Brandon Cole says:

wow Big Been

Jhane Broussard says:

I like ti part

Janae Nae13 says:

This song is fucking amazing i cant believe i never remebered it was here what is really goin on???:)

Janae Nae13 says:

Yaddada mean!

Freddy V.801 says:

Dope ass collaboration!!!

Tomislav Biondic says:

Nate Diaz 🔥

Chris Moore says:

I like TIP over Thugga just in general as a Emcee and raw talent but Thug always brings this vibe that makes you have to get movin and hype in the song . Like I’ve been saying though these two on a track together is a recipe for nothing but straight 🔥🔥🔥. All their Collaborations are lit. I think thug biggest mistake was getting under Baby’s wing just to get his little 5 min of fame for tryin to go at a GOAT (weezy) to get noticed. I mean it did work but I think he would be even bigger if he would of left that drama to the family and went to TIP and Hustle Gang in THEIR hometown Atlanta anyways . Could of been making these bangers the whole time and I’m sure getting paid better than way birdman disgracefully gets away with paying his artist . Just my opinion.

Incognito Da God says:

Am I the only 1 seen Jeffrey's ol gas ass walk? And wtf was he talking bout "He enjoyed it and love it?" Let me know what the discussion was about?

Bboy brandy says:

I Never get bored of Ti

10k Subcribers With No Videos Challenge! says:

This junt so bumpin 😭😂🔥👏🏽💖💯

Pearl Masiyambiri says:


Ash-Music Vevo says:

This is Hot T.i you Still Smoking

bic boii says:

whats the song in the end? is it a tease for another song?

Bryan Simwayi says:

Every like on this comment turns the dislike into a like

Brandon Cole says:

not even one b** I want to do it then b**

Paul Golaszewski says:

lve the after song beat

Cory Courtney says:

Watch Ti Expeditiously with Thug they talk about when they made this record 💯

Kurtyz Kalvyn says:

TI got so much shit out bruh…

Maurice says:

They trynna smear Tip…. NAW!!! 💪 💯

Diegotwohearts TwoHearts says:

I liked this the day it came out , I just Unliked it & REliked it again for it to go right back @ the Top of My Li$t #Again #Amen

KIA REAL says:

They work great together

Bouvia Music says:


DaxTheRipper says:

Thugga went Ultra Instinct on that second verse 🔥🔥

JBCIII says:

Tip and Thug…
Tip, OneOfThoseG.O.A.T!!!….

Marc 'The Hangman' Nongrum says:

Comin back to murder fake mumble rappers

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