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Tyler, The Creator – BEST INTEREST(Lyrics) ⚡ Twitter: https://twitter.com/insanerecords1 🔥 SUBSCRIBE! [Verse 1] Darling, darling darling It’s no need to worry It’s just a couple things (A couple things on my mind, y’know) If it’s you and other [More]
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Tyler, The Creator https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsQBsZJltmLzlsJNG7HevBg lyrics [Verse 1] Darling, darling, darling It’s no need to worry It’s just a couple things (Just a couple things on my mind, ya know?) If it’s you and other It’s no need to worry [More]
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Tyler, The Creator – Best Interest (Lyrics) Darling, darling darling It’s no need to worry It’s just a couple things (A couple things on my mind) If it’s you and other You don’t have to worry ’Cause I can [More]
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Here is a collection of some of the hardest verses by Tyler, The Creator. Comment below if you have any questions or concerns. TRACKLIST: Tyler, The Creator – Domo23 (0:11-1:26) Tyler, The Creator – Bastard [More]
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