Take What You Want Post Malone Guitar Solo Cover & Tutorial With Tab

Take What You Want Post Malone Guitar Solo Cover & Tutorial With Tab: This lesson teaches how to play that epic, modern, rippin’ solo by Andrew Watt from California Breed (I think!); with a full speed demo, then with tabs and played half time, also with tablature. We discuss the tone, gear, style and then go through the song bar by bar, breaking down the techniques used along with any other tips or tricks to try out. As if that’s not enough, we look at the backing chord progression and analyze how you could use modal interchange to follow the chromatic slash chordal sequence.

I only have access to the full track, no stems or masters, so I can’t be 100% sure on how I’ve transcribed it, any suggestions or corrections are more than welcome- just pop them down in the comments!

Not gonna lie, hearing; Post Malone, Auto-tunned Ozzy Osbourne, Traivs Scott and an 80s inspired shred solo; on paper, to me, sounded like a trainwreck, I reckon it turned out pretty well! Happily surprised with this track, great effort from all parties involved!

♫ Timestamps ♫
0:00- Cover/Demo
0:44- Full Speed With Tab
1:31- Half Speed With Tab
2:58- Lesson Outline
3:27- Tone, Gear, Style, Influence & Player

6:25- Solo Break Down: Bars 1-4
8:59- Solo Break Down: Bars 5-8
11:33- Solo Break Down: Bars 9-12
13:10- Solo Break Down: Bars 13-16
19:55- Solo Break Down: Bars 17-20
23:33- Solo Break Down: Bars 21-24

26:32- Backing Chords Analysis
32:00- Following The Chords Vs. Pentatonic “Vibe”
35:55- Outro

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