Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble

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Music video by Taylor Swift performing I Knew You Were Trouble. © 2012 Big Machine Records, LLC

New single ME! (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco) available now. Download here:

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N.A 17 says:

No way this song came out 6 years ago

Samyutha Chandar says:

Who thinks these are better than the new songs? Like if u agree

Kei says:

I think " Brent Rivera"😂😂

See my comment I know u doo Daug. says:

Song actually starts at 2:03

Fer Franko says:

Like si piensas que Taylor Swift está bien pinshi hermosa <3

HR SAP says:

All i love in here is the intro

Albert Einstein says:

Who's here after tiktok

Hit like

Anshu Rani says:

Who's here in May 20

Chezka Mae Nuñez says:

2012 is the year full of the best songs

Lucas Gabriel says:

Why doesn't this have 1 billion views?????

Madw0lf_q8i says:

James charles just kissed you

Will you kiss him back?
Like my comment if you want

Roshan Sharma says:

Anyone 2019

A E S T H E T I C says:

Thought the refrain was sung by a goat.

Melissa Stela says:

Começa às 02:06 pra quem não tem MT paciência kkk

DanEdwin says:

If the intro wasn't so long it probably has 1b

KaptainEpic says:

Who's here from Brent's Rivera Insta (1 Like = 1 Heart From Brent)

smash smash says:

Trouble trouble trouble in Kenya relationship

Jesh LeaderMoney says:

Hes cheating

The Shadow of unknown says:


Gacha GehPopper:3 says:

Virei otaku p vc me notar !!!

EucliffeFT says:

The song is actually cool when speed set to 1.25

emir deveci says:

Herşeyimi burada bırakıyorum, yıllar sonra gelip alacağım..

Tab Es2 says:

Watched this 1 millon times

혀와 음식의 마지막키스 순간 says:

3:07 you want this part :p

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