Tee Grizzley – “Robbery” (Official Music Video – WSHH Exclusive)

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Exclusive WSHH music video for “Robbery” by Tee Grizzley.
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LA Honcho says:

POV you didn’t even know there was a part 1 but you do now cause of part 2


yo is this a la beat this go hard

Desert ZO6 says:

Tee grizzley already made fire music, but now with the influence of king von. Damn

1000Blk Reezy says:

Why he taking king von flow 😂

Ayo ! says:

Part 2 is finally out!!!!!

xTrulySnagz says:

bruh this came out on my birthday

Robert Walter Karpinski says:

Mfs can't be original for shit he really trying to have his shit like king von

The Psycho Gamer says:

You listen to part 1 because you came from 2

Jordan James says:

Dis an diary 2 FUE 🔥🔥🔥🤤

James Johnson says:

That nigga just started sprayin foo 😮🔫🔫

James Johnson says:

This nigga got a winter PT jacket on 😂😂🪖💯

Gage Crusan says:

Smooth asf getting that location

417Garage says:

Why is only part 2 on iTunes

mantrell slade says:


OGK Will says:

gta refrences yessir

A H says:

“Fella Looking at me funny” dude has a ski mask on giving him the fucking O-dog eyes yeah he probably has something shiesty planned 😂😂

Amanda Lewis says:

yeah for real

GSH MERE says:

I jus realized he got a different gun in this and in pt 2 but it’s supposed to be the same day at the house 😮

ITG SUX says:

“This Mac gotta 50 I will leave his face ugly “ 🔥

Q Taylor says:

Who here after part 2 , just to watch these masterpieces together

Melissa says:

Stealing King Von Shiet Smh

80Gang Six says:

Who Here Listening To This After Part 2 Dropped 😭🔥

IsmokeHiphop Live says:

Grizzley gang

Niyah Jean says:

I never heard part 1 till now. Part 2 rolling

Self Jackson says:

Respect!!!! Tee Grizzly super crafty with this lil series. 🔥 🔥 🔥

Tyler Hurst says:

Can’t wait to be back here for part 3

rj casper says:

Pls go check out my preview tell me how it sounds

One Day This Ball will Buy my Mom A Mansion says:

Wish von hopped on dis Detroit beat 😞

Skragg4L Menace says:

This his hardest song

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