The Making of Drake “Elevate” With Nonstop Da Hitman

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Drake – Elevate Behind the Beat with Producer Nonstop Da Hitman. This is a song From the Drake Scorpion album. Nonstop shows us how to make a Drake Scorpion type beat on FL Studio 20 and drops a lot of gems on mixing plugins and different techniques that went into producing the record. He explains that the placement came from him building a relationship with Drake’s artist PartyNextDoor.

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BeatsByLuna says:

that beat was such a vibe

Tommmyyy says:

this song was one of my favorites on Scorpion 🦂🙏🏾

Abd Alcrim says:

Je me suis tellement cassé le cul a refaire se beat sur le vieux pc de maman

Slack Morris says:

I swear people will wear the dumbest shit just because it says Gucci on it 😂

Detroit Red says:

everybody writes for Drake

Bilah M says:

the choir parts..fuego

Slaughter House Entertainment Company says:

good to go bro

Astroboy Prod. says:

Does anyone know how to set the sliders to a certain db level?

SHONSL says:

when he's talking about the kick, shoving into the master against all other tracks, it creates a glue-compression effect that's similar to a sidechain but more of a natural compression. I use that technique a lot, but you just have to be careful about where you set your levels on everything before going into the master buss. After your song production gets going, and you remove those master effects, your project will sound like poopoo — you'll be constrained to your master effects once you start your projects with them.
I do it and love it, but I also exercise good practice with it.

Grant VanVickle says:

I swear this shit nasty as hell

Marcus H says:

Yo. ScottStorch cooked up a very similar beat which he posted on IG before this release. Idk if it got ripped.. – oh well if its a sample..

Random Vial of Swag says:

Happy he did that slide bass. Anyway,.

Joel Morgan says:

drake love them reference tracks boy

roddy kamba says:

0:46 so basically it was a reference track smh

R Charles says:

Yeah that slide bass is super played.

Ibby says:

This dude sounds exactly like Josh Brolin it's crazy

Jorge says:

My favourite song in scorpion

Strive ForExellence says:

Best song on the tape Imo

Balla Boy says:

bro it's so crazy ppl used to pick out you for having cheap ass fruity loops.. NOW it's like your songs that are on the radio going platinum and gold have beats that were produced from fruity loops!

Wahab says:

AT 0:45 TO 1:10 YOU CAN HEAR DRAKE WITHOUT AUTO TUNE!! Listen with headphones, it’s very quiet in the background but you can hear it and it’s horrible!

Sus says:

Seems chilled, boots ain't too big.

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