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After a rocky rollout, Nicki Minaj’s fourth studio album ‘Queen’ is here, and she comes out of the gate swinging. On “Ganja Burns” and “Hard White,” the Queens rapper takes shots at unnamed rivals who don’t write their own lyrics and former strippers—which led fans to speculate that she was taking about Cardi B.

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I'm thinking about a good username . . . says:

I knew lady leeshur was a good one. Just made me a proud brit.

Kari Yates says:

If a bitch keep coming at you and you ain't said nothing. she basically arguing with herself

SuperChiko4000 says:

That's some awesome stuff

Anita Daddy says:

LOL, never stripped or been a hoe?! bitch the cover of your album and each video you're in a bikiini, LAUGHABLE and dancing on guys

Mac Doesn'tDoit says:

These was reaches

AsiaSlays says:

I did a review + my thoughts on coco Chanel on my channel. Check it out 🙂

Darius Pittman says:

She geekin niggas stealin they gon feel dat metal

papadopoulos _hoe says:

Cardi b doesnt do music And write anything so its like you are not rapper

Amber Holloway says:

Put ya #2 ‘s In The Air 😂
Bitter and washed 🛁

Kaylah Milan says:

Everybody please subscribe to my YouTube channel thank you

shemiah taylor says:

y’all be reaching nicki prolly ain’t even talking bout cardi yall just wanna see them beef . just enjoy there music

Brian Maisonet says:

She a snake ass, fake ass bitch. How you gana give cardi hugs and then throw shots on your album. Thats some corny two faced shit right there.

Kingazi !!! says:

She snapped on that album

Black Guy says:

All these subs and still don’t have a number 1

Teena Davis says:

Nikki used all of lil Kim's persona and likeness. So she really needs to humble herself. Plus the bish talked so much about the stripper life, the public decided lets hear from a real stripper aka Carli. See how shit came around on the fake ass. I'm here for it 😭😭😭

Roberto Filho says:

"The pole position" refers to EVE, she was a stripper too. Stopping creating beef!!!

Londy Lon says:

Omg ! This is ridiculous!
Lmao everything she says now is all of a sudden about someone ! C’mon now stop it

Dre Rockstarr says:

Oh god, she so weak…😴😴😴

braheem darden says:

I highly doubt she dissing strippers because we all Know nicki endorses these strippers 😂🤷🏾‍♂️

Miss Boss says:

Nikki been saying this

Simone Jenneh says:

Genius … did y’all at least stretch before this damn reach ?

Jøvquín Rõdríguez says:


ѕuprєmє quєєn says:

Most people only know Cardi for 'Bodak Yellow'

najai dixon says:

really just wants to make Music like who is you to tell he what she mean like bye

bigjayking24 says:

LMAO! Pap, what's the deal?? You liking Nicki pics bruh?? Cmon now. You should know better than that bruh. Cmon now. Lol

Young Penny says:

Why Is This Still Going On?

Eddy Castillo says:

The stripping thing is definitely about Eve considering Nicki wrote the song when No Frauds came out

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