The Weeknd – Save Your Tears (Cover by VONALTUM)

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Hey guys! We hope all of you are doing alright during this pandemic. For us, being in quarantine has been an odd blessing. We struggle to find time to be home together and do what we love most and now we were able to do just that! Anyways, we hope this all passes soon and that you all stay safe! ❤

The Weeknd did not disappoint with his most recent album release and we were instantly hooked on “Save Your Tears”! Let us know if you enjoyed our cover!

Cover mixed by Mariana Hiebert


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Cristóbal Suárez says:

Wow maravilloso 👏👏❤

Queen Of Snarfville says:

The girl in blue kinda sound like lady gaga

Jimmy Barjami says:

Wow beautiful voice both of them 😍 ❤

Joseph Estiven Garcia Forero says:

I like so much the video

Nazi Blueberry says:


Cambia el Chip says:

WOW tantastic voices

Цветочный Персик-Gacha says:


job done says:

I find the melancholy demeanor of the girl on the right captivating .

SPBurt1 says:

Very talented and beautiful young ladies, keep it up, bravo!!

Copa Cabana says:

Wow! Incredible!

Casimiro da Silva Santos He-Him-His says:

this is like the duet between Lady Gaga and Milley Cirus

Deepak Behera says:

You took my heart.. 1st girl

Joao Saraiva says:

👋👽👉 Amazing, Great Music. Excellent Everything ★★★★★ ♥ 👋👽👉 Let The Music Guide You 👋😃👍 ♫ I ♥ 💪VONALTUM👍 シ ★★★★★ 👋😃👉 ♥ 💪Portugal-Lisbon & UK-Derby👍 😘 Xx 😘Xx

MEGAFIXE Studios says:

Big like from MEGAFIXE Studios, Subscribed 🤗

Valentinas Balachnin says:

Amazing! Would love to hear you cover Weekend's "in your eyes" or "prisoners" by Miley and Dua.

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