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This Is Bad.. 😯 Tom MacDonald – Clown World (REACTION!)

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Tom MacDonald – “Clown World”

#TomMacDonald #ClownWorld #Reaction


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StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)


Do you like Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)?

Woah this is amazing! Not bad


Tom MacDonald says:

YOU CLICK BAITING SON OF A…love ya bro 🤣 Crushed it for me AGAIN!

hearse god says:

Dude. Thank you. We are all slaves. We so badly as people need to not repeat the past… I pray we wake up. This isn't me rap…this is we rap.

Kendal Harris says:

3:10 LOL! He has no idea what is coming up soon…

Nick P says:

I’d love to learn!

Nick P says:

Just found your channel for the first time! New subscriber here!

Joe Bright says:

Don't fret a little cussing. God can handle a little potty mouth.

CrazyTrain RC says:

Feel ya on YT and canceling you. Well you got another viewer here! That's coming from someone not a fan of religion, just been bible thumpt to many times. But respect to each and their own! Keep speaking truth, my ancestors were slaves, never again for anyone! Irish Love!

John Hyujin Caro Emo-dgy 2020 says:


M B says:

I'm going to make a prediction for 2021.. Eminem will diss Tom before the end of the year. It's going to happen though their paths are bound to cross, I hope Tom staying ready for it.

supatdog says:

Because the criminals are running things right now and doing anything and everything in their power in order to steal it from us.

supatdog says:

Awesome review. Although I may not share your religious views you point of view is spot on. You are spot on. Its quite enjoyable listening to someone who is not ignorant and is intelligent. A real pleasure.

Tickoty Tuck says:

Preach it Brother Gibby

MyMine says:

Alright, you got me, that title has me here. Can't fault your taste though bro, loved it

Steve Roerig says:

BTW, if you haven’t heard it Stuggle and Caitlyn “God We Need Now” is fire!

Steve Roerig says:

Right on D! I subscribed and look forward to hearing more of your vibe. Jesus and HOG for real!

Kremits says:

I hate his music but I agree with the message

Jesse Rioux says:

The wars are bullshit the troop shouldn't be over there in the first place. Even Trump for all his faults knew that.

Jesse Rioux says:

You click baited me, thought you were going to hate. Don't agree with your religious views but love you nonetheless.

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