#TNTMS INTERVIEW: K. Michelle Responds To Uncle Murda, Talks New TV Series & More!

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On the first day of the Trick N’ Trina Morning Show, K. Michelle dropped by to talk about a handful of topics. The R&B singer speaks about her plans for 2020 including a new TV show, a fresh Miami location for her restaurant and a new country album. She also responds to Uncle Murda’s shot at her in his “Rap Up 2019.” Watch the full interview now!


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Teflon Dan says:

I like Unca Murda but talking over and over about this lady,corny as hell

527 N.Y.C. says:

K Michelle, is mad ugly

Don King says:

Yea with her talking like that on twitter. Her pussy has got to stink just like the rumors before and just like Uncle Murder said her pussy stinks.😣😵😤

Tracy Ann Garvey Fray says:

Congratulations Trick and Trina

Quincy Lockett says:

Trina still day baddest Bitch! 😛👏🏿👍🏿🤘🏿

Oakland Legendary says:

She said it's not gangsta lmao but nigga u want 69 a snitch to come home and that's gangsta bitch stfu ur pussy stank

Motor City Hustla says:

Supporting a Bozo is Klown shit, can't wait till #Snitch9ineBitch9ine get out is Klown shit.. Part of Being a Man is holding yourself accountable and knowing there are consequences for your Actions Point Blank Period aint No excuse..
I still Love Trina tho😍💛💯

Kelvin Johnson says:

It has to be some type of Truth why would this man keep saying

Kevin Luna says:

She look like ET

Just Subscribe tv says:

Bitch love anywhere love and hip hop at

Just Subscribe tv says:

I think it do stank nobody wanna hit that sept trick daddy omm🤣

Breezy Drew says:

K looks tired and stress. In that order

Omi says:

I thought that was Michael Jackson at first. I’m not trying to be funny. What happened? Is she okay?

Terrell Zia'more says:

Why they talking about lil nas x like that tho

I Tim says:

Trick & Trina in the morning could have been as big as the breakfast club but trick done ^fucked up the thang

Richie Porter says:

Bitch u supported 69 fuck snitches

YADA Bk says:

She a big time lame

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