Tom MacDonald – "Clown World" | Music Reaction

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“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb

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Drew Hardinger says:

Listening to you guys debate and actually use critical thinking is very encouraging. It gives me hope and optimism for the younger generation.

R.A.M. Productions says:

Ordo Ab Chao – Order from (Out of) Chaos. Problem-Reaction-Solution – (The Hegelian Dialectic). Plantation Politics, and Divide & Conquer. The Illuminati, the Hidden Hand, the Shadow Government, the Elite, etc… Was happy to see y'all make the "Gang/Mafia" connection. More than 95% of the people on the planet are being controlled by less than 5% of the people on the planet.

Until humanity rises up, we're all debt slaves and useless eaters to this "global" cabal.

Great reaction.


Interesting comments

S B says:

here's the source of the planned division…

Sebastian says:

so he basically is saying racism doesn’t exist and blm is dumb

Sebastian says:

i don’t like tom mcdonald

Jesus Fried Christ says:

It’s not just a circus, it’s clown world. A meme that we on the liberal right wing have been talking about for ages. We’ve been talking about the illiberal left’s cancelling and deplatforming for years. We are the side of free speech and the traditional liberal values that we ALL agree with, and that the left has rejected completely.

Also the whole “create a problem and create the solution” thing is called the Hegelian Dialectic. Hegel is a very revered leftist philosopher, and his ideas were a foundation for Karl Marx and for the co-creator of fascism (aka national *socialism*) Giovanni Gentile.

John Proctor says:

When I was a kid racism referred to discrimination based on ones skin color, or the belief that someone was superior or inferior based on the color of their skin. Today, "racism" is more commonly defined (based on how it is used) as a political tool used to shut down debate and ultimately conversation. People of one particular ideology are accused of racism, usually falsely I might add, by someone of an opposing ideology because they have no other argument. The sad irony is that the people who subscribe to the new definition of "racism" usually fit squarely into the old definition of racism, both in word and in deed. However, both types of racists that I'm talking about only make up a small (but extremely loud) portion of our society. I think the majority of americans today aren't racist, and really don't think much about it.

Jenna Strange says:

♥ you guys! TY for reacting to this one.! #hog .. you are very accurate on losing brain capacity through non-use. Wow , well said on people programing thir own accepted realities. Racism is not natural, it is taught.

Michael Shultzinger says:

You're right about the elites, , it is about making people desperate enough that they'll agree to a bad deal because it promises immediate relief from the current turmoil and pain.

You sound like you may be familiar already but if you figured this out on your own, you're not alone:

ORDO AB CHAO… It's Order out of Chaos and it is a very old political tactic

Here's a little homework assignment if you've not already completed it:

Hegelian dialectic, Fabian Society, Overton window…

Machiavelli would be proud.

If you understand these things, you will see what is being done. In the sales world, there is what is called an alternative of choice close. Do you want product X in red or black? No matter what answer they pick they have just agreed that they want product X. When people are given two choices they tend to pick from the choices they are given. Very few people will pick an option that wasn't provided for them. Ask yourself why there are two parties? Why is it when the D or the R on the office changes the only thing that changes is the speed, never the over all direction?

Decimation1030 says:

Tom's video needs to reach more people. There are several critical lessons to be learned from this song. My top five are the following:

#1 Every thing he said is common sense. Most people (95%) agree.

#2 Everything that he said is considered racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, or misogynist by the sources that provide us with information. Think television, social media, etc.

#3 Jesus was cancelled by crucifixion. A public punishment designed to silence those that stood up against the powers that be, and serve as a warning to those that are thinking of doing the same.

#4 All of those labels I mentioned in point #2 are the tools used for modern day crucifixion. You are the cross, the labels are the nails and your reputation is what is left hanging. Instead of killing you physically, they kill your reputation so that no one will associate with you. The public shaming also serves as a warning to those that have similar views or beliefs that you have.

#5 There is a small group of people that want everyone divided. They create and sow conflict to divide people. Feminism pits man against women. BLM pits white against black. and so on. The easiest way to control a lot of people is to keep them separated, ignorant and dependent.

Jake F says:

Beard & Brains how about a reaction to Exposure some time maybe soon or sooner then later…..or just when ever if you could at some point and time. 😉😆🗓

workingforgear says:

The politician have been fighting over the boarder and immigration for years, but ultimately they don’t want to fix it, they want the problem. That way each side can rally their voters to turn out. There are probably 100 other examples just like that in government.

isdelilah says:

Someone told me that Tom Macdonald is the bravest rapper out here because he refuses to make good music

vladik gorbunov says:

Hey guy in the right…. why so serious in all your videos? You guys do good reactions though!

Jeremie says:

please react to i miss you, i'm sorry by gracie abrams. she is a friend of olivia rodrigo and she deserves spotlight too. you'll love her!

Douglas Ingersoll says:

Purple powered.

Batman5150 says:

I am personally so exhausted with hearing about racism! I only ever watch sports news where I never hear anything about all the stupid crap going on in the world and on social media because I believe I am better off, I NEVER watch network news anymore. The world is in a very sad state of affairs right now!

Destiny Rubio says:

Great reaction

Gerard Fraser says:

Tom's great

Get to your point Agosta says:

The Hegelian Dialectic.

Heatherll68 says:

Tom’s not clownin’ around with these facts! HOG4EVER🤘❤️🤘

Kristy D. says:

Government policy: never let a good crisis go to waste. Mass shootings-ban guns, viruses-shut down our livelihoods to make us dependent on them, dont like a foreign leader-go to war. As always, love how deep your reactions are.

Dre King says:

Yoo just subbed! React to
“Someone” or “ballin” by Nick Nittoli please!!!

Ryan Michael says:

Think about Microsoft creating viruses in your computer so you have to buy virus software same guy in real life is creating a vaccine to save us from! Tom is smart and honest

Camille Fernandes says:

Hi! Could you react to the clips of the group Now United !? They are a group formed by 17 members where each represents their respective country.
One Love
Lean On Me
Na Na Na
Who Would Think That Love

Leah J says:

Can you please react to diamonds by Megan Thee Stallion and Normani

Rathe Moor says:

A racist is the only one who will see racism, because they are looking for it. If you play the victim, then you're the racist. Michelle Obama is the perfect example. She said a woman asked her to get something off a high shelf and she took that as racism. Never occurred to her that she was being asked just for the simple fact that she might have been taller than the woman asking. She just naturally assumed the lady thought she worked there. If you see and hear racism everywhere, then sorry, but you're the racist.

night shift says:

you could call the plant PPE purple people eater

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