Tory Lanez Kills The 5 Fingers of Death (9 Minute Freestyle)

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Torey Lanez takes on the 5 Fingers of Death challenge and Freestyles for 9 minutes on Sway In The Morning.

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Tom Davis says:

That first beat thooo 🔥🔥 to be fair the rap is 🔥 too

BehindTheLine1 says:

He can spit but honestly he took the L in that battle vs joyner by far

JevInHeaven says:

"Mama died but my pop's raised" Got me hard

Dizzy AllDay says:

who here bckuz we been fuckin wit tory barz since day 1. R.I.P GARY THE SNAIL !

NueLzy vevo says:

This Nigga is literally the hardest and Best artiste outchea…. No doubt 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Chyloe NYC says:

This nigga should drop a whole rap album

Luis Jumelles says:

He’s reading look at his eyes 🖥👀

Miguel Santoan says:

He Sounds like Cass🔥🔥🔥🔥

len geisler says:

Dis motherfucker got more bars then snickers and mars daaaaaaaum

manon d'avakin says:

Toryyyy ryyyyyy LANEZ⛷⛷⛷

Aaron says:

This is fire but I close my eyes and all I hear is cassidy!

Victor Siwaphiwe says:

Whos here after the Joyner beef

mike liggins says:

He sound jus like CASSIDY!!

sheldon the CG geek says:

I felt like the nigga rapped the five beats with the same flow, c'mon nigga!!! Plus it's fck'n written.

Jason Coward says:

This man a lyrical serial killer.

John Drake says:

Tory Lanes raps like he is mocking rappers

Keosha Diaz-Mitchell says:

😮 did ya thing

mike says:

I ain't even listen to the other 4 beats yet, cuz this nigga annihilated the first beat!!!!!!!!!

Leonard Billups says:

Joyner ZeZe

Focal FreezeYO says:

9 minutes while juice wrld be doing 1 hour freestyle lol

Gregory Dunbar says:

Hold up he sing right??? Sheessh

Larry Burton says:

I have an All Time Cypher Killers list. Homie is on there!

Porsche Mccray says:

Love him sick af

Ryan Foltz says:

Got more carats in my jewelry than bugs bunny's stomach 🔥🔥🔥

Jacob Lunn says:

anyone else reminded of cassidy on the first beat?

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