Travis Porter – Ayy Ladies ft. Tyga

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Okay now ladies.. (YEAAAAH?) If you know you bad (YEAAAAH?)
Don’t need no man, got yo’ own bands, put up yo’ hands
If you a top notch bitch (Woo!), lemme hear you holla (Woo!)
Bend it over, touch ya toes
Whip it out, show the hoes you Bankrollin’
Sling ya hair, hit a broke hoe wit’ it
Poke it out, damn shawty you can get it!

If you got some good pussy say (YEAAAAH?)
If you got some good head on ya shouldeeeeers
If you got some good pussy say (YEAAAAH?)
If you never let a hoe fuck you oveeeer
If you ’bout yo’ check, drank Moet
Know the pussy stay wet, I need all dat
Tattoos on the back, I see all dat
You already got a man, I ain’t tryna be all dat