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Trippie Redd – Under Arms (SNIPPET)

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StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)


Do you like Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)?

Woah this is amazing! Not bad


Venom says:


chakhinia galbraith says:

Have to send him a letter country they were here the only pray $12 cheap stuff in it

chakhinia galbraith says:

Not be careful I'll sit right next to her the Bible on I talked to her too

CrxzyJxey says:

Mumbling too much damnn wtf this shit fire still😂😂😂😂

Vinny says:

fuck i need this

reggie brent says:

what's the beat??

reggie brent says:

this bouta be my favorite song by Trippie.

Sir Spegeta says:

I uploaded this to soundcloud if anyone wants it‼️

Noah Dallas says:

You think this will be on his album

chakhinia galbraith says:

And I'm not mentally ill I can keep myself stable

chakhinia galbraith says:

But you keep pulling my leg

chakhinia galbraith says:

Why are you hunting my spirit who who is it you just woken something be pulling the leg I can touch your face

chakhinia galbraith says:

Hellp what did you do to my body

chakhinia galbraith says:

Do we all just want to go back home and play a game I know me and you don't like this

METHODY Music says:

Cant wait for u to drop mane "1400" 💥💥💥💯💯💯💯


Stop leakin shit trippie

Jay Williams says:

Hopefully he doesn’t feature anyone bad because this song 🔥🔥🔥

Your Typa Man says:

Music is always 🔥 I love this new energy of music it's nice to listen to driven down the road with a blunt an ya woman in the passenger seat.

Zibbia Gray says:

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)We love this dude^_−☆

2 GUARD says:

If he get a good rapper on this and not one of his friends sorry Chris king this is a for sure banger

TrippieHippie 1400 says:

I have the extended snippet on my channel

kvngkd tv says:

this nigga Trippie 🔥

T121PP1E G12EENN says:

T12ippie 12edd

Zyier Holt says: tune in show some luv 🔥👣👣#upstate New York Upnext


@trippieredd man dont play with my feelings drop or i pull up steal yo phone

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