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Part 2:
FLP: coming soon


StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)


Do you like Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)?

Woah this is amazing! Not bad


Alex Brown says:

Where you find that bass at

TSG_Frank says:

Yo where's the flp for this tho?

BMW 3 Series says:

question: is FL Studio hard to work with for beginners?

this is coming from someone who thought Ableton was too complicated

Delto says:

when's the flp coming

mrlabear crouse says:

Who the fuck is instrumental and why is he taking lyrics off our songs?!?!?

Visencere says:

Our Barry Allen of the Tyler music ⚡️

gabeywabey says:

you should use this and turn into a fully finished song by adding more to it

Victor Lake says:

What string staccato/pizzicato VST do you use? I literally cannot find one.

Jaden Simpson says:

How did you learn to recognize sounds and melodies so good

Luciano Beof says:

Why didnt I get the notification:(

Stan Richards says:

Make Tamale

Stan Richards says:

Darling Darling Darling

Robert Jones says:

You have no idea how much I enjoy this
I fell in love with this song immediately

/CA3L3N says:

wtf fast ah

loren uhh says:

Damn you’re quick

Nevod says:

Can I get that lounge lizard preset tho

cam says:

when there is a long pause between notes can you please not skip to the next notes OGMOMGOG but thrank you but please dont do that it annoyes me for some reason

Eanternet says:


Jules says:

I’M BLONDED. Glad to see this after my channel was terminated. I’m doing the best I can to bring it back.

kae dawt says:

Tyler i know u won’t see this but in the 1/1 bill chance please do glitter for the love of god

edgy boi says:

Man do you ever get off the grind

Sean Murphy says:

Can you PLEASE do Glitter 😭

Higq M says:

Do a tutorial on sound designing

OakeyDoakey9 says:

That’s frickin quick

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