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Uncle Murda Ft. Casanova, 6ix9ine & 50 Cent – Get the Strap

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Uncle Murda – Get the Strap (feat. Casanova, 6ix9ine & 50 Cent) DL/ Stream:

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StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)


Do you like Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)?

Woah this is amazing! Not bad


Riza Saika says:


Ricearoni Stromboni says:

My favorite part was 1:111:34


33Cupcakes says:

This is some bullshit, y’all fools need to grow tf up. Clowns 👎🏽

SwizzyJ303 says:

Are you lookin got a reaction to this music video? I did one a byt ago and I’d love any feedbacc on it , thanks y’all

souf 9sixteen says:

Wack ass shit, bootleg dmx wannabe ass clowns. New York trash. That's what y'all be slapping. I'll take mozzy



akaXanz says:

i do not gang bang but play me for pussy n i will pull up n bang bang

Nkonfoma Da Don says:

50 murdered this shit . He's a legend

TheWorldIsMines 100 says:

6ix9ne part was trash and he does nun of what he raps about

What The F%!# Is Going On With This S#!% says:

I've got a video of 6ix9ine getting sponsored by skittles!

daber 420 says:

All bad 69 all bad

Swisha Killaa says:

†H!$ 98(V)3 m3 †Ha mo†!(5)8†!ON to ri†e; Pleez 8aVe a bee†, l!$†3n w!† ur Izs get hiii, s†8y Yz: twinkle,//// twinkle,//// little stars,/// now Shall u see// and now Shall Half ur cells Sickle////…u r now positive to spit//// some bars,/// oh shit//// ready for Harb,/// I mean Whar,/// I mean war,/// cuz Im taking back/ RAP/ like it was before cuz I'm black/er than bats/ when MAK/AVELI mad,/ yea, Kam/ ridin on the humpback/ of a Cam/el with so much ammo,/ Kam/ livin longer than a black/ cat/ when pass/in time, Rab/bit jumpin ON sand/als!,
and now I finally// closed the cap,/
so first, flapp/in at/ mumble crap,/
like blah!///, blah!,/// like blah,!/// blah,!/// like blah,!///
like ehhhhhh,//// like nah,/// nah,///
now well see,/ who the true ones are,
Frat/ Trap,/
"wow did u just do that,"/
yes, yes, yes, comin back,/
"but the Truth u snatched,/"
used my heart,//// for eyez was what I lacked/
to fill in the missin part,//// now, I'm sharin,
wonder who'll grab/…ON…./////
Sundays, I just fast,/ study first class,/
then let my mind adapt,/
re/run,///// re/run,///// re/run///// the track/
and just blast/ off to another past/
fully strapped,/ yea gone in a map/
where u can't find me/ eve/n with a compass,/
I just pass/ through souls like glass,/
so beware for there is an hourglass/
where ur watch won't match,/
so just follow The Lord's task,/
yes lemme remove// my mask,/
boom// bap,/ True// RAP/ coming back,/
dip dab/ at the pad/ wit///
Holy/ teary,/ sweaty/ ink/// ON this RAP,/
Serg////eant re/charged//// and jacked,/
mind hacked,/ this ONE draft/
worth more than a plaque,/
cuz I just jab,/ did//dle dab,/ jab,/ jab,/ jab,/
then i just tip// tap,/
then Slap/-Attack/ like a Rattata/ at/ this brat,/
yea better dodge// that/ wrath/
cuz im fast/ like Sonic The Hedgehog,//
wait ain't that/ a part/// of ur brain, they named after a star?///
"Oh, u so smart,"///
no, I was just listening
to a Youtube podcast in the car…///

– مسيح

1Finedad says:

Bring this type of music back!

Contel Bradford says:

lol. Maybe rap is passing my old ass by, but this shit sucks man.

M says:

where can i find the picture in the thumbnail?

Cole Blevens says:

If this final CDQ they need a new engineer 😂

Filo Ah Lam says:

I thought 69 and Casanova were beefing?

Hans G says:


Mike Young says:

This is New York’s anthem

CeHinI says:


HaRVeY DeNt says:

69 is trash

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