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Under Enemy Arms

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Under Enemy Arms · Trippie Redd

Under Enemy Arms

℗ 2019 TenThousand Projects, LLC

Released on: 2019-05-29

Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer, Mixer: Igor Mamet
Producer: Hammad Beats
Producer: Matthew Crabtree
Author: Michael Lamar White II
Composer: Adrian Rupke
Composer: Matthew Crabtree

Auto-generated by YouTube.


StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)


Do you like Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)?

Woah this is amazing! Not bad


Spirit OfFire says:

This so raw!!!

KJDGoat 7 says:

This is fire no cap 🔥👋🏾

Trey Faircloth says:

From the trenches had to make it work 🤘🏼

Jiggy says:

Who’s movie this gonna be in?

Brett Opgenorth says:

Can someone help me find the replay button?

LoopxGang Beats says:


ReYReY says:

Here before 1 mil

Antonio Lopez says:

When you gonna drop some 🔥. This new shit you been on has been 🚮

Oliver Keeley says:

this gonna be the usa recruiting song

little savage jr says:

Under the arms "arms" that part 🔥

Nathan Tiffen says:

^Me to X's killers

It’s Littledunk says:


Mira Mira says:

Trippie Redd: Fuck it, right to bear arms
Me: genius

Glxy_solis __ says:

Dragon ball z vibes

Michell Pozuelos Satisfying ASMR says:

I really want J.cole and trippie reed collab

Delta Vibez says:


Monster Music says:

Very good,man🙏❤❤

Jahnerria Harvey says:


Darx fnbr says:

Before 300k views

XX 17 XX says:

This nigga saying "hot as the enemies arms"??

Benny HBaby says:

Fuc it right to bare arms!💪🏽

Armani ಥ_ಥ says:

I don’t really like trippie but this song goes hard especially that beat

Lizabeth Gonzalez says:

Never disappoints . 🥵🤩

TTV_ 40ondahip says:


De’Aaron Rose says:

PLAY AT 1.25 speed 🔥🔥

Kaitlynn Cadenhead says:

LMAOO his music was better back when him and 69 were beefin. Hahahaha the new $uicideBoy$ album (LIVE FAST, DIE WHENEVER) is better then this. 🤣🤣

jr jaimez says:

Big 14 the only good rapper we have now X is dead and 6ix9ine is locked up 🔥

ñąťhhėkż * says:

This song is actually good.

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