Vocal Coach Reacts to The Weeknd – Save Your Tears (Official Video)

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Vocal coach Tristan Paredes reacts to The Weeknd – Save Your Tears music video where Abel transforms into handsome squid ward with plastic surgery!

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0:00 Intro
1:13 Reaction

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iibixz says:

I thought blinding lights should’ve been nominated in Grammys instead of “yummy” like- 😑🥱

Emman Cruz says:

Listening and watching for an hours and half, this, for me is the chronology of after hours(unfinished)

-Album title
-Blinding lights
-Blinding lights jimmy falcon live
-Till im bleeding out
-Alone again
-After hours short movie contains spoilers :

*till im bleeding out
*Alone again
*In your eyes

-In your eyes
-Escape from LA
-Too late contains spoilers:
*Escape from LA(JAM)
-Save your tears

Next mv song theory for me:
Save you tears because i know im the most
-hardest to love
And now im
-im scared to live
Or love and now im
-alone again

WEAR earphones!!

-alone again
-escape from la
-hardest to love
-scared to live

Vanessa Chan says:

u should react to zhou shen!

Allan Junior Mana says:

This is why I fucking hate it when qhite people make traction videos, instead of just watching the video they just fycking talk and talk.

Glynnis Prell says:

I totally agree with your analysis of the video and think you have a great point on the comments. fame & wide spread attention is not without its mirage of support.

Leela H says:

It's a metaphor… pissing on the Grammy's!

CarolusXII GT says:

He was broken when Selena Gomez cheated and probably still is

Eunice Park says:

Reminds me of Michael Jackson … is he ???

Ujjwal Gogoi says:

weed and weeknd like bread and butter

Frostborne Gaming says:

Handsome squidward lol

Nari_ Kiri says:

lmaoooo "the f***?"had me deaddd loll

ben esterberg says:

I love the weeknd

Osiel Ramírez says:

You took it to another level you actually explain the meaning behind the video at the same time you show us how to sing it you are amezing

jenny rayman says:

I think he saying to his girl who is crazy about him, that he will leave her and that she should save her tears and not cry at his leaving her cos he is messed up inside and therefore he was not good for her.

mark givens says:

You are very knowledgeable AND you get the genius of the WEEKND.

GwnLeon says:

who the fuck even likes yummy? how did it get a fucking grammy over the weeknd?

Ace Manila says:

The background urges me subscribe

Sarah Hohol says:

I’m so glad you hit on all the things he was trying to express. The Super Bowl was the final “performance” of the story he was trying to tell. You hit the nail on the head!! I love him, favorite artist right now.

Mohd Hafizi Abdul Rahman says:

His MV reminds me of JP Joker

Bruce Wayne says:

tell me which The Weeknd song doesnt slap?

EggRollGames says:

Bruh he’s Michael Jackson basically

SYDOPS says:

Selena Gomez

Hero Smoke says:

I don’t get this . I get it if it was someone random or starting … but a fuckin nobody is really gonna sit there and criticize a great person. Like who is this dude? Why are y’all listening to this nobody’s critique about an amazing artist ? Couldn’t be me

Eli Wright says:

Mans went to 😄 to 😮 Instantly 3:42

July5044 says:

every time I hear his songs I fall in love with his voice all over again

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