"We need a REDNECK in the White House" | NEW SONG!! | Buddy Brown | Truck Sessions

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Krissy J says:


Gooie Hoop says:

You are dreaming of Utopia young man.

Brad Lewis says:

What we need is A saved born again godly Christian man Bring America back to God and repentance an stand for truth and righteousness

starla bowers says:

You got my vote son!

maraika danisch says:

Right on!!!!
Sounds awesome!

mark stack says:

2 thumbs up

Ryan Brady says:

Yes! Dukes of Hazzard back!

Patricia Smythe says:

Man i got chills when you said a million for each veteran that comes home.that should be made into a law..pass THAT bill. AMEN you got my vote too

Raymond Gross says:

you will be shared every weekend at least 50 times lol

irish granny says:

Hi from Ireland, your brilliant, from a retired American with country in my blood.

Trevor Kennemer says:

When is this going to get recorded and put on itunes/amazon music? I want to blast this in my car on the way to work everyday! haha

Jason Witt says:

You got my vote Buddy, get to running.

Arland Nunya says:

As a free thinking non-oppressed Navajo. I believe in the same thing.



Frances McAllister-Gutheil says:


Logic Truth says:

Thanks for showing our true colors!

Katrina Price says:

There's currently a dipstick in the white house.

James McNicholas says:

Just found your channel. Made my day here 3000 miles away in Northern Ireland💜🙏🇨🇮🇬🇧

Molly S says:

Awsome Buddy Brown!!!

Lisa Wess says:

Time for you to do concerts. Trump rallies!

PL Donaldson says:

Buddy, great song – AGAIN! Old Mississipian myself – if you plan any concerts – please put it on here! We are in New Mexico now but hey – that would be a great road trip!

Terri Williams says:

That would be awesome!

Bradley Collins says:

Buddy for president, 2024

New country man Old country soul says:

I’ll be go President and I’ll do everything he says in this song

gregory h says:

Dear Buddy just a little story for you Young Folks. Just want to Say Thanks for stealing the Name Rednecks from us Old Time Roman Catholic People. Back then we were called Rednecks because with Drink a lot at Weddings and when We Honor Our Love one to Our God that come Him or Her to Heaven. But as you know we just let it go just Like a Police Officer pulls Us Over. Please keep on Singing BB. You the Best. Greg of Ohio. Peace my Brother.

Lazarus 666 says:

<3 Yes-Sir!

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