XXXTentacion on Train Food Speaks About His Death on Forthcoming Skins Album

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►XXXTentacion on Train Food Speaks About His Death on Forthcoming Skins Album

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DomisLive NEWS says:

This song will be on X’s Skins Album

Viliami Tu'amoheloa (vt1751) says:

there was this guy who said the song trains food was about him getting rape when he was a kid aye i said someone said it not me

robert Laffey says:

Is there going to be another album after skins

nate Felv says:

Love this song

Ifavy says:

I just want to say this, I personally do not think he was talking about his death , mainly bc he was talking about walking home and being approached by one singular man, and Idk if he was just using metaphors or something but I feel he was rather talking about someone else and when he was talking about the train coming it made me think if it was just a figure of speech and he was just saying it all as if it was in the life of someone else but then another thing how would he have known about his own death,ik that there are theories but let’s be real here, there would not be anyway he could have known of his own death unless he planned it , in this song I feel like he is talking about someone else’s perspective on their situation like the guy who approached him actually robbed him and left him for dead on the train tracks

Purple pinguin says:

train food doesn't exactly say how he died, unless it was changed somehow.

What You Talking About Willis? says:

Creepy mofoker

Justyn Murphy says:

the song is heart breaking

Black R1can says:

You were right though train food does have people shook 🥺

Alfred Lawrence says:

Who else is here after SKINS because Dom is right?

Nope Nope says:

Put himself in gekyume and saw his death coming. Put himself in a different state of mind.

Prince Reaper says:

For some reason when I watched sad the beat turned on and I jumped I was super scared because it was like "Who am I" I was like 😶

Mason Wray says:

Xxxtentacion skins hints

“To make you feel out side of your skin”

“Guardian Angel”

“Now death is here and your time is finally up”

“I was staring at the sky, singing toxic lullabies”

“Died and had some witnesses”

DJ Aaron says:

Who’s here after listening to it?

LeekBITE Leek/Mille says:


TsvenParkview 1 says:

i was lost :/

dearlydiego says:

make sure you hit that like button and shoutout to my GANG

LiL Loser says:

Dom please explain train food so everyone can understand

Lee Fisher says:

He's been there to. That's what it is he killed his old self to become a better one and the cosmic rays fucked him up

max riley says:

The biggest giveaway that he knew this album would be released post mortem was the crime scene tape, which nobody really ever acknowledges. rest up tho

Dylan Nguyen says:

Who is here after train food released?

Phonix The Fox says:

And it turned out to be true, train food is one of my favorite songs from him now, he talked about dying and there is a train track right behind the motorsports building

Orlando Keenan says:

you were right

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