Ybeezzzy X Yungeen Ace – Smoke "Back in Blood" Remix (Official Video)

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Yungeen Ace https://www.instagram.com/yungeenace/?hl=en

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Akia Matthews says:

Favorite Rapper 🥰❤️

Christian Sanabria says:

Nahhh tha auto tune needa go lowkey

Brian Fazo says:

Ybeezy Sosa ksoo Scottie Trae 🤣some steppas they all got bodies

BUH DAA says:

And it’s stil fucc the 6️⃣


Younger ace funny

unbracket says:

drop on spotify

Duval Movie Real Beef TV says:

1 million views already

Paris McNeal says:

The first nigga huff asl nation

Jamiya Williams says:

i love your song go hard

Queen Kk says:

This a diss

My Gameing phone says:

This song is hard

Wifi Problemz says:

1:32 he went off 😭🔥

Richard Jamison says:

People Been saying that beezzzy part was not rhyming and I thought his part went very hard both of those boys did there thing🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Davonte Wise says:

The fact they talk in bout von

Jamaal Mike says:

That man said “they took one of mine, they know it’s tic for tac” like bitch you take
Mine I take one of yours 🔥🔥🔥

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