YNW Melly – Thugged Out (feat. Kodak Black) (Clean)

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🎵 YNW Melly – Thugged Out (feat. Kodak Black) (Clean)

YNW Melly might still be behind bars, but that hasn’t stopped the “Murder on My Mind” rapper from releasing his new track with Kodak Black, “Thugged Out.”

The bass-heavy track is the first from Melly in almost a year, following the release of “Suicidal” remix with Juice WRLD last March. “Thugged Out” is the first time Melly and Kodak have appeared on a song together, and it’s a pairing that makes a lot of sense stylistically. Melly’s emotive sing-rap verses contrasts with Kodak’s Southern drawl, which is just as idoysncratic as fans have come to expect from him.

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Kade ELLIOTT says:

Nice now my parents aren't mad.

menace uchiha says:

Can I use your edit in my video I'll give credit

Radley's Sports Center says:

melys good kodaks not gr8

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