Young M.A "Trap or Cap" (Official Music Video)

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#YoungMA #TrapOrCap #RedFlu

Young M.A ‘Red Flu’ EP out now. Click here to stream at all retailers:
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Track produced by Mike Zombie.

Video directed by Marc Diamond.


KeepEmCommin says:

USA gotta learn from the UK now they behind by far

Samuel Mathias says:

She harder than most of these mfs

jasmin destiny says:

You noticed good comment are higher than hater thumbs down

Saswat khadka says:

Queen of Newyork 👑

Ashley Singleton says:

"I;m sick of hoes, how you broke in designer clothes." "Rich nigga without having clout."

Brøkèń_Vïbēś says:

I like her music but this song is so ass

Demiurge says:

I'm Transgender baby and love his music baby 😍😍😍😍😍😍👄💋!!!

Ashley Singleton says:


hogan logan says:

Her time IS definitely coming. They late . Glad I see it NOW

Larry John says:

Hella unrated

Jenn says:

Every time I see the wolf I hit the thumbs up .. before the beat even drop

Tater Scott says:

Can't we do both? 😆

Jhonny Bravo says:

I thinkshe is the shit……

Nathan Estep says:

You had to head right you just now getting your time in it on god straight swear this be so much harder than anything you put out before!!!!!!!!

leica g says:

Love it what I love more is that lil weed on the table I'm from Amsterdam Holland so it's not impressive 😉 you better bring a shipping container here ….but love from Holland ma

basil babe says:


jack webster says:

She didn’t sell her soul bro. That’s why the industry hates her I swear it has to be.

Jamal Mckeithan says:

Shawty be killing shit 💯

Bizzy Hoe says:

She gone always win

SKY RED says:

Top the world 🌎 ma hands down not even sign independent firee

Marcus Greer says:

1:19 that smooth Kriminal affiliation between a Blood and a Crip

Patrice Shaw says:

I would drop all my niggas for her!!#Loyal

Kimmie Kim says:

Happy Birthday Young ma🥰❤❤

Harlem Storm says:

Always comes through with a good track.👑Salute

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