Yung Bleu – Baddest (with Chris Brown & 2 Chainz) (CLEAN)

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🎵 Yung Bleu – Baddest (with Chris Brown & 2 Chainz) (Clean)

Yung Bleu had a massive success with Drake featured “You’re Mines Still” and the Alabama-born rapper is back with a new single. Yung Bleu teams up with Chris Brown and 2 Chainz for a brand new song called “Baddest“

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Do you like Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)?

Woah this is amazing! Not bad


Shavonzail Camp says:

Chris never fails!!!! Love to hear him sing he knows how to ride a track!

BijinXOXO says:

I like this clean version better. I usually prefer uncensored music but all the expletives in that version just seemed a bit much for this song…like it kind of ruined the flow of it…

khadijah shakur says:

I love both versions.

Amanda Hunter says:

Yessss definitely 🔥🔥


Clean version is the best of all

MusicMan G says:

Song too dope for all the cursing every other word . On these R&B collabs , sometimes less is more .

nita johnson says:

Thank you 😁

Nyah Green says:

This song goes hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥

CoolStuff says:

Nice! Thank you!

Natalie Hamn says:

I love Chris B . But I like clean versions

Jonathan Morgan says:

Just heard this on the radio on 100.3FM WRNB from Philly. It sounds just like this. So this is the cleanest you will get for airplay

DJ Ninja says:

Nice try but I still hear the " F's " clear as day! But I haven't heard any of the clean versions really get rid of the Fs cleanly even on Itunes the clean version you can hear most of the swear words. Think the artist should record a clean version for radio could get a lot of radio play!

James Antoine says:

awesome very nice job i love it it's better than the drity version

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