ZOMBIES 2 – Flesh & Bone (Lyrics)

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This is our declaration! Zombies, cheerleaders, and werewolves stand together to protect the moon stone! 🎶 Watch the ZOMBIES 2 Cast perform “Flesh & Bone” in the official music video from ZOMBIES 2!

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Music video by Cast – ZOMBIES 2 performing Flesh & Bone (From “ZOMBIES 2”). © 2020 Walt Disney Records



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Do you like Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)?

Woah this is amazing! Not bad


Kalliopi’s World says:

I literally fell in love with whyat he’s hot 🥵 lol and cute I love his voice

Alison Eggleston says:

Are meg and milo actually dating?

Gaming J says:

I’m going to describe the movie now, : Welcome to Seabrook its a great town! I’ll tell you the story.it all started when a little lime soda and something else, Boom!!! The green explosion spread all around and there were zombies. Let’s get to the point! Before the zombie explosion was done, Seabrook was afraid of the wild beasts that lurk around the forest, they found a powerful source of energy and hid it from the beasts. That powerful source was the beasts Moonstone that they used to stay alive and be their true selves. The beasts were werewolves and they were proud of who they were so Willa, the alpha howled, “Awooooooooo!” and everyone heard so the mayor, Addisons mother said some stuff and Addison said that it’s not fair and her mom showed her the signal to shut it. Zoey, Zeds sister was looking for a dog or either a “were-friend” and some “mail guy” came up and said werewolf’s aren’t real kid and she said what big eyes you have and went back inside while the “mail guy” went to the forest after ripping her sign down and taking it. He said to Willa that they were exposed. STAY TUNED FOR PART 2.

Gaming J says:

I know all the lyrics Ima sing two paragraphs : Hear it getting louder a call for revolution yeah we came for what was ours it’s time for restitution we’ll protect our own, take back the stone no human nature cannot hold us down. DONE ✅

Bridgette Crumbley says:

When the boy sings I can't understand him

Cerpiper GamesnGacha says:

If i could change my country's national anthem, i would change it to this 😂😂😂

Cerpiper GamesnGacha says:

Im trying to memorize this song 😅

Lody Tawalo says:

my fav who wants to join me start a delaration

Greg King says:

I sang this song to myself:D

Ronnie Harmon says:

I love the zombies and werewolves they can sing

I love you to the moon and back says:

I have seen some comments saying how addison could be a vampire or an Alien or maybe she actually is as alpha. What if she is an Alapha Alien Vampire.🙃

Taylor Glynn says:

more then flesh and bones!

Gachaz_lifez says:

my fav partis when they put adisson down and she gets back up and she has walfclothes on

Gachaz_lifez says:

no we wont brake were more then flesh and bone .

Gachaz_lifez says:

i luv them so much i wishthey did a car pool with me in houston tx make the thumbs up if ou luvzombies2

Janice Horsey says:

My favorite part is “ooh this is a declaration”

Emily Simpson says:

Who is upsessed with this song i am

Jesus Cruz says:

Wow I love zombies 2 more the song flesh and bone

Cassandra Johnson says:

love this song lisened to it 15 times

Zanyla Larry says:

If you don’t like the music/video your just a hater

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