Got bored and had to go in on the ”Whats Poppin” beat! Merch: Mixed & Mastered by Nato Reproduced by PUDA Shot by Pops Edited by Lil Windex
Merch: Got bored and had to body the Rockstar beat!!! Reproduced by AMIPRXY Shot by Pops Edited by Lil Windex Mixed and Mastered by Nato Down *I do not own the rights to this [More]
Merch Store & Tour Dates: Instagram: Spotify:… iTunes:… Facebook: Twitter: I got bored yet again and murdered the ”Homicide” beat! Shot & Edited by Sam Donkor Produced by AGFX [More]
Shot and Edited by: Sam Donkor Reproduced by: Nigel Childs Mixed & Mastered by: Nato Down
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Reproduced by Rockstaar Mixed by Nato Down Shot & Edited by Austin Puskas #SDK #EMG